Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tweetin' Update

Hellooooo Lovely People!

So, I can't believe I posted one blog, and haven't done anything since - does that make me a really bad blogger? I think so. But I am going to endevour to change that around and become a really good blogger! Just you wait and see!

Etsy - my store online is now bursting at the seams with new earrings, new brooches, new pendants, new hairslides and NEW RINGS!

rabbit love pendant $26.50

pair of birds ring in brown $15.80

khaki button stack ring $4.20

lucy's clouds hairslides $5.60
red vine earrings $6.80

In November 2008 - I got a year older, I am now 22 years old. It was on this day that I had my first ever market stall at the Locally Handmade and Produced "Civic Homespun Market" in Launceston. It was the first ever day for the market too - so it was quite exciting and quite a risk! But to tell you the truth, it was the best thing that I had ever done for my label... I have attained so much more exposure - so many more followers and fans, it brings such a smile to my face!

December 2008 saw a popular demand at my North Mel
bourne stockist "Thread Den" ( - for my button earrings, brooches and pendants! When you are in demand, it really makes you think - "wow, I am onto a good thing!"

January 2009... ahh, a new year. Resolutions are made, pr
omises are made to yourself and to others - but will they keep? Will the resolutions change lives in good ways? Or will the un-kept resolutions drag you down for the whole 365 days?! I made a simple resolution - to go on some holidays around the country, maybe even around the world.
And my first flap of the ol' wings is happening in March.
I am heading to Melbourne for:
The Stitches & Craft Show (
"Thread Den" is having a stall showcasing their desig
ners - including that vintage!!!
How exciting is that!

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates and some special features on my favourite ETSY SELLERS!!



Jeanne Selep said...

Hi Sophie! It's funny you mentioned new years resolutions in your blog. One of my resolutions for 2008 (that's 8, not 9) was to start a blog. I started my 2008 blog after Christmas in 2008. How is that for procrastinating? So it's fun to see another newer bloggers blog.

sophiehillartist said...

Hey Jeanne - haha that is pretty funny! I did a similar thing like that too... a carry-over resolution perhaps?