Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Favourite Cuppa And Brew.

So anyone who knows me and knows me well, knows that I am a complete tea addict. I cannot start my day without a drop of tea - when I am blogging, I have tea; when I am reading a book, I have tea... pretty much anything I do, you'll seem me with some tea. Told you, I'm an addict! And as I duck for cover - you will never find me sipping a coffee... it has and always will be tea!

Since becoming a full blown "adventurous" tea addict, my collection of T2 Tea has grown - in actual fact it has taken over the cupboard which houses all of our tea cups. It'd be safe to say that the types of tea outweigh the tea cups. A brew in which I am completely obsessed with lately is Gorgeous Geisha by T2... a green tea that gives the aroma of strawberries & cream ...delish!
Pictured above is my all time favourite tea cup - "Blue Rainbow" by Royal Albert. I have only drank out of it twice - I feel like it is far too precious to make it a regular sipper... or should I?

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