Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giveaway: Feather Ring

*Giveaway has now ended! Stay tuned for more!*
So, it wouldn't be a Birthday Bash (see previous post) without a game...
A game which results in a prize...

The prize being this...
Okay, what you need to do is:

Write a little (short but sweet) rhyme/poem, using the words "feather" and "birthday" - make it catchy, make it cute, it doesn't need to be a million words long!

Comment on this blog entry with your creation.

Leave your first name and a contact email address.

Cross your fingers tight and say a little birthday wish!

Giveaway closes on Sunday 7th February.
Winner will be notified by blog entry and email - Good luck!


Daneve said...

I am not the best with words so I found these: 1."Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time"

Your beauty surpasses,
All of the masses.
A beauty internal,
Even external.

Sorry for staring,
I’ll never stop caring.
Elegant and gracious,
A heart that is spacious.

When we’re together,
I glide like a feather.
Happy birthday my beauty,
Loving you is my duty.

Oh yep this ring is my fav I have been eying it off so fingers crossed..

Rosie said...

There once was a sweet girl called Rosie,
She was crafty and cool and carried a posie,
She wanted to win a ring so madly
that she wrote up this poem- badly!
She had to use the words feather and birthday, thought, hmmm....that rhymes with Earth Day
And hoped that she she'd win or she'd be sadly

Flowerleaf said...

So hey, I've got something to say...that is not a poem, is that okay?
It's more like a rap for your birthday...

I bet this ring's light as a feather,
It's made of wood, not of pleather.
I would love if it could wear it and not have to pay in yen!
...Giveaway from ThatVintage in two thousand and ten! - Oh yeeeeeahhh....

I am such a dork, but I love your ring. Hahaha.

Laurie Salinas said...

I would love to win this ring, so here goes my poem:

Gorgeous is thee
like a newly grown feather
on a bird
Flying by like birthdays do
I so want to win this ring
how bout you?

My email is and my name is Laurie Salinas

frawggie said...

*let me try this again*

We should all remember to let our birthday be like a feather of a duck, allowing the aging to slide off, as water off a duck's back.

my name is Carrie (everyone calls me frawggie) and my email is

quotes and notes said...

What a lovely thing,
This woody little bling,
This wonderful feather-ly ring!

Feb 7 is my birthday, you see.
(Yes, it is, really!)
So I cross my fingers and wish this ring for me!!

Ella said...

Star light star bright I dream of birthdays every night,
Even when its really hot and the idea of sleeping seems to be shot.

Sometimes i drink Cosmos by the bucketfull and write atrocious poetry to my dear friend Sophie Hill, BUT When i walked to work today, there was a dead sparrow in the allyway, its feathers scattered on the ground, and it wasn't making one tiny sound.
This was horrible and my day turned to shit, a man mistook me for a hooker and work dragged on a whole heap.
When i got home, Hatin' on the world, I logged on to face book and saw a sign, "THAT VINTAGES BIRTHDAY" oh SWELL how divine! And after looking at the beautiful pieces and reading everyones pretty words life didn't seem so bad anymore, So now i'm not going to throw myself into a door!!!

Note: This is all fact, Despite most of it being disturbing.
Love Always xx

Greer (MefeArt) said...

With a feather
In my hat
We sit fogether
And chat
About your Birthday
Soon approaching
Your health, I pray
we will be toasting

quotes and notes said...

Oh, just realized I forgot..

First name: Marlene

...yes, I'm STILL up.. enjoying reading everyone else's poems.. :)Ok, really off to bed for real this time.

Ness Lockyer said...

Here we go...

The sweetest of rings are in wood
the feeling is simply so good.

A birthday prize for all weather
oh so cute with its feather.

I am SO NOT A POET!!!!
Ness xx

Jaz said...

while staying out of the rainy weather...
i came across this ring with a feather...
it's made by 'that vintage' and I'd have to say...
it would be the perfect gift for my birthday!


Violet Bella said...

how fun, first i must say, i just added that ring to my wist (wishlist) two days ago! eeeek, im excited!

okay, here it goes...

So true is my love
For that feathery ring

Like birthday wishes from above
Hope in my heart does bring

A giddy laugh like a child
As I gaze upon my empty finger

Dreaming deep into the wild
That Vintage feather ring would linger


Laura of Violet Bella

Kellie Christie said...

Here goes...

A perfect little feathery ring,
What a delight for such a lover of bling,
A precious piece made with such flare,
Adorn my little finger no longer bare,
A very special birthday surpirse,
Thankyou to That Vintage for my lively prize!


RuthiV said...

Feather, feather on a ring,
woody, grainy lovely bling,
How I wish my birthday would linger,
just so I could have you on my finger :)


pejnolan said...

Like a small feather
dancing, floating from heaven
may your birthday be grand.



Anonymous said...

Time escapes us same as birds lose their feathers. Time passes unnoticed until we see ourselves weathered.

Please, take this small gesture on your birthday. It is nothing more than a found feather cautioning you not to throw your time away.

By Jamie aka Miss Bojambo

christine said...

birthdays are fun
feathers are pretty
i'd love that cute ring
please choose my ditty!

yes extremely dodgy poem i know :P

Christine xx

Anonymous said...

birds of a feather
flock together
my sister is like mine
she makes me shine
her birthday is soon
tho i wish it was in june
it's up to me to save the day
maybe with a feathered ring ay?
something to make her smile
even just for a little while