Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Hearts & Deep Pockets.

Caboolture - Queensland, floods of January 2011.
I just can't believe the response to the Facebook auction lots that I put up before 6pm tonight...
People's generous bids are just making me more and more inspired to donate more goods for auction - I can't believe it! I'm genuinely shocked at the response! Can you tell?!
The tally of the bidding total at this point in time sits at $770.00 - wow.
Visit Lot #1
Visit Lot #2
Have you done your bit?!


Deanne said...

It is such a pleasure to be able to donate to your appeal. Most would be happy just to donate funds, but to get something in return is very generous of you Sophie! Keep up the good work, whilst I keep digging up funds to get the pendant I want!

Jeanie said...

Fantastic to see such strong support!

As a gal who grew up in Ipswich and lived/worked in Brisbane for 8yrs this is so very close to my heart.

It's heart breaking to read their comments on facebook. Some are in evacuation centres. Some of my extended family have had their farm and home go under. Others are very nervous. I'm doign my big - 60% from every item sold in my shop will go to the Appeal.

Sharnee Torrents said...

Hey lovely!!!
I'm wanting to bid but aren't a member of facebook so I'll bid on...
Sorbet Romance Rose Resin Ring ($19.00AUrrp) my bid $30.00
Lemon Grass Floral Stud Earrings ($15.00AUrrp) my bid $35.00
I hope that i can join in!!
Love to you sweet Soph and all your followers affected by the flood! I'm praying for you all!
Sharnee xxx