Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Little Friendship Love Wrapping.

One of my closest friends had her birthday earlier this week...
Happy Birthday Megan!

Megan is one of those friends who I can rely on to help out with anything market related for That Vintage - she helps out with packing and loading the stock into the back of her car (a bit like a game of Tetris) to setting up the stall and takes my panicked instructions so gracefully (she's a gem!) to providing the sweetest customer service to the new and long-time lovers of That Vintage.

Aside from her huge involvement in that aspect of That Vintage - Megan also rocks my world on so many other levels - we have had numerous adventures together; dining out, freezing our little toots off in the snow, gazing lovingly at Penguins at the Melbourne aquarium and believe it or not a spot of 4WDing in the mud. A pretty sweet, diverse friendship.
Unfortunately the gift I had picked out for her birthday went missing in action in the postal system, another statistic... (Don't worry, I'm chasing it up!) But I knew she had her eye on a particular piece of That Vintage so I spent some extra time wrapping it up to make it that little bit more special...Of course, accompanied with shouting her to a delicious lunch out before a spot of Bridal accessory shopping - yes, she's getting married and I am apart of the show as a Bridesmaid - so super duper excited!

So here's to you Miss Megan.
Happy Birthday lady xx

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