Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Found And Kept.

Finders Keepers: Done and Dusted!
And what an experience it was...
A huge line of people out the front door just before 6pm; once the door had opened, the people streamed in thick and fast... it was almost like watching the doors of a major department store opening just before a huge sale - except Finders Keepers was twenty thousand times better than any department store sale opening!

The atmosphere, space and music was fab - live band and a great DJ, it really set the mood to "awesome handmade shopping time" - it was buzzing; oodles of inquisitive lovers of handmade casting their eyes over stall after stall of incredible talent.
I got goosebumps a number of times during the event - almost as though I had to pinch myself to make sure this was really happening!
It was lovely to meet the amazing fellow creatives, the loyal and adoring lovers of That Vintage and meet the new lovers also - thanks for coming and saying hello!
Thanks to the crew at Finders Keepers for putting on such a schmick event - it was an experience I'll never ever forget!

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