Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So That Was Christmas.

6:20am Christmas morning, on the deck in my pj's with Blossom - watching the sun light up the morning sky... and saying a little Christmas hello to our beloved pooch Jazz in the skies above.

It is hard to believe that Christmas has been and gone - that the New Year is upon us. December flies. It always does - the older you get, the quicker it seems to pass you by. I find that the zooming by of a full month leaves you reflective and anxious, ready for the new year to begin, for new and exciting adventures to commence.

The That Vintage studio has been in holiday mode for a number of weeks now - it was a hard decision to make, but I personally needed the time out to get myself in the "zone" again. Sometimes, you've got to do whatever it is that you've got to do!
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and here's to a bright and inspiring New Year ahead!

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Jen said...

Your blossom is like my Juju. Is she a blue point?
Its nice to take time out every now and again - recharge the creative energy!