Friday, March 15, 2013

Warmly Captured.

A little while back, I was lucky enough to have a shoot done of my art work by the talented duo Clint & Bethanie. 
It was a lovely warm afternoon in the dining room of my home, sipping on wine and cider, nibbling off a little cheese board that I whipped up, talking about our lives and travel, plus having my art work professionally captured in its truest state.
I am so impressed with how the photos look - they are spot on, true to the proportion and composition of the drawings, colours and feelings.  Soft and delicate, sensual even!

I am still holding on to these drawings for a little while longer as I am waiting to hear back about a submission I put in for.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, holding tight on to my lucky charm and putting positive vibes out to the universe!
Even if my submission doesn't get accepted, the experience and result of having these drawings captured by two of my very talented friends, is certainly one that I'll look back upon fondly!

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