Thursday, March 14, 2013

When An Accident Is Actually A Good Thing.

One day last week, I was in one of my normal "mad-dash around the shops in a really short time frame, picking up supplies and getting out of the city centre as quickly as possible" moods.  I am sure some of you can relate! 
I had to pick up some more clay colours, a simple task. 
Making a bee-line for the stand of clay, I grabbed a packet of Sunshine, White, Cherry Red and then... I thought I picked up "Peppermint" - but instead, I actually grabbed "Emerald" and did not realise until I went to unwrap this new wad of clay yesterday.

I sat for a moment, pondered the situation, dug around the studio for the receipt of that purchase, weighed up the pros and cons of another trip into the shops and then I proceeded to dramatically throw my hands up in the air!

What the hey!  Emerald it is.
And I don't regret it - she is a beauty - the deepest of calming greens, that dazzling jewel, the heavy leaves carpeting the thickets of jungles... it really is a magical colour!
And Pantone think so.
So I'm going with it... Hello Emerald!

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