Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Faces, Warm Hearts.

My gorgeous friend Emily with smiling Stella.

I am finally on holidays!
It is such a relief... I have had the most drawn out past four days at my bread & butter job, things were starting to really get to me! But never fear, for holiday time is here!

I had my gorgeous girls Emily, Natalie & Stella around last night and I cooked them dinner - Sweet potato, chickpea and coriander patties with a huge garden salad. It was delicious! Stella kept the entire family entertained; my own mother bear certainly hasn't lost her touch with babies - she cuddled, fed, entertained and soothed Stella whilst we got to enjoy our dinner.

I also gave the girls an exclusive sneak peek at the new That Vintage designs that are fresh off the laser as of yesterday... the response was exactly what I had hoped for! And it mirrors how I feel about the new designs, so thrilled with how they have turned out! But I must keep you all in suspense until I return from my holiday... Oh aren't I mean!

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