Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Toy.

My iPhone4 32GB arrived today at 7:40am - yes, early!
And I was at the Telstra dealer shop bang on 9:00am... haha! Yes, very keen!
So to celebrate my new toy, I did a bit of hunting on Etsy for some different cases and covers - I think it will take me a while to decide which one to pick!

In love with the shop Tovicorrie - in particular the lace print ones pictured above, hmm which colour! I want one of each - so pretty and dainty! Oh and the rest of that shop... so many beautiful choices - going to be hard!

Top: "Spring Is Coming" leather case by TinderBloom
Middle: Wood Pattern case by fairy3388
Bottom: Victorian Filigree Swirl case by CWestbrookDesigns

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