Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh Hello Arty.

Pencils and paper - hello my friends...
I have finally been inspired by beautiful, friendly faces to draw some more illustrations/portraits.
Thought I would share with you just one... this is of Dani - she works at one of the stores that I stock to in Launceston: Cadootje.
Dani is beautiful in looks and nature; she has big bug eyes that are bright blue and a gorgeous fashion sense! It was a pleasure to draw her - and only took 15 minutes! Got to love the creative-buzz!

(Sorry for the dirty watermark... bit wary of people pinching other peoples artwork these days - sad world!)


Kasik said...

Wow! great Portrait Sophie!

Amazing! I've been busy putting together the Sampler Hamper check it out here

xxx Cheers,
Studio Conestoga

JustynaG said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE - Sophie you are so amazing! <3 Justyna