Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can I Get Some Minty Fresh Over Here?

Whilst out on the thrifting adventure yesterday afternoon with Lauren - we stopped in at a newsagent; walking in I was muttering: "No... they won't have it yet, it's too early... it won't be out yet, not here in little old Tasmania."
With my eyes scouring the long magazine racks: Frankie, Yen, Oyster, Russh...
"Oh poop. It's not out." - I said as I turned to my right to see Lauren flicking through a new Martha Stewart magazine.
ut of the corner of my eye, the spunky blue Peppermint logo caught my eye.
I picked it up excitedly, flicking through the divine smelling pages of the eco-friendly magazine and stopped at page 25: the advertisement for That Vintage.
A huge wave of warm, gushy proud feelings filled my heart.

I purchased it right there and then - even knowing that my subscription copy is on its way!
The little buzzes of working your butt off to afford such paper-glory for my little label, is still so very awesome to me.
This issue of Peppermint is by far my favourite (and I'm not being biased!) - the story of Baked Relief as told by Danielle Crismani had me smiling and also had me in tears.
You. Must. Get. A. Copy.


Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks for this post!! Glad you enjoyed the issue, the flood stories had me in tears too (I'm Miss Sew & Sew, by the way).

Ness Lockyer said...

Congratulations Sophie. WIll check it out when I get mine tomorrow =0)
Ness xx

Cassandra Marie said...


Anonymous said...

I brought my very first issue of this in January and must say I adore it...must go get myself the latest copy :)