Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On A Roll.

I managed to lock myself away in my little studio space for 4 hours straight yesterday, in that time frame I finished over 80 pendants.
I have a blister on the palm of my hand from where my pliers rest when I am using them - rather amusing to me as I've never had a blister in that spot before!
It must have been the music cranked really loudly that encouraged me to work at double speed - because I have never worked so fast when making jewellery - it was actually a lot of fun.
When I packed up the pendants into their little zip-lock bags, ready to be tagged next week, I decided to do a preliminary stock count...
107 pendants and necklaces.
185 pairs of clay earrings.
243 pairs of wooden earrings.

Today is the day of focusing on rings and brooches - feeling very prepared for Niche: All Wrapped Up now!

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Ange said...

Well done on such a productive day! Now, if only I was half as prepared as you for Niche!!