Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working In A Haze.

Last night, I tagged up 185 pairs of clay earrings and around 80 pairs of wooden earrings - with plenty more still waiting to be tagged.
I did this in a haze because at the moment, I am feeling a little bit run-down.

A one-woman operation plus a bread & butter job, long days, long nights - obviously going to result in a little bit of the "under-the-weather" feeling.

It always tends to happen right before I have holidays from the bread & butter job and right before I have a major market event for That Vintage - but never fear... for I know how to consume copious amounts of green tea, garlic and other delicious anti-cold concoctions!

What is your number one tip for the common cold combat?

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Ness Lockyer said...

Hope you start to feel better before the market Sophie. I can totally understand where you are coming from here.
My best advice for the cold (well avoiding it) is to take a small amount of a product call 'Sun Breeze' made by awesome company who has made for a very long time holistic and totally natural products. It is a balm which doesnt taste very nice, but you get used to it. A small amount of this put near your throat and no germs are getting in! Oh, and Swisse Womans Multi, good diet and plenty of slepp everynight.
Ness xx