Friday, June 1, 2012

Finders Keepers in Melbourne

It is crazy to think that Finders Keepers in Melbourne was well over a month ago now, it really feels like only last week! 
I took a week out of my life and headed across the strait to Melbourne - boxes of stall props were mailed over prior to my departure, destined to my lovely and helpful friend Rebecca.  This was such a huge help, it meant that I could take the majority of my stall set up that I use here in Tasmania, to Melbourne.  Rebecca also kindly helped out on the stall - which was such a blessing as there were people absolutely every where - it was truly packed out! 
 click for a close up look!

On the Friday night, the atmosphere was a buzz with social shopping - lovers of handmade juggling bottles of cider, yummy tacos (that tempted my taste buds greatly!) and their shopping bags - the sounds of awesome indie musicians filled the Exhibition Building, completing the creative scene.  Lucky for me, Rebecca's twin Olivia (from Fox & Mint) came along and also helped out!
The Saturday was equally as exciting - a huge day and by the end of it both Rebecca and I were exhausted.  We both managed to duck away from the stall to do a bit of shopping ourselves, I also got talking to a couple of my followers on Twitter - it was so nice to be able to put real faces to their names!
Melbourne, you were great - cannot wait to come visit again soon!
The Sydney Autumn/Winter market is on this weekend - so head to the Finders Keepers website for more information!

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today i said...

Hi I just across your etsy store, gorgeous. I can't believe I missed the sydney market.