Tuesday, May 12, 2009

After Josh Pyke

Well Josh Pyke was amazing..!

He is quite the short fella, I didn't expect that - but he was so hypnotising on stage - maybe it was the side to side swaying he did whilst playing his songs...

I couldn't get very many good photo's as I am still trying to master my camera - it did some pretty trippy stuff with colours and effects from the lights though...

He had this amazing backdrop for the stage - it was a Light house scene painted in black and white, and the lighting guys (one whom is a friend of mine - Hi Bob!) made it look even more amazing with the colours - I snapped Red and Blue.

I don't know what he did here, I think he was giving one of the ladies in front of him, cheek haha... true muso style.

1 comment:

red bamboo said...

That's right.... tease me why don't you!!!!
Glad to hear it was a good concert. Will definitely be going along next time!