Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blossom Is My Baby

Blossom is old, yet she is my baby.
I have had her since 1995... and she is still quite capable of the meow, the purr, the clawing, the hissing... in actual fact, all of the kitty tendencies.

Blossom & I - Christmas 2008

Mother and I found her a rather suitable collar at our local pet store - red faux leather with big diamantes plastered all around it. Perfect for our little diva! It suits her so much, no bell - she hates bells, and to be honest we all do in our house - we remember when she was a little kitten, and she'd dart around the hallway chasing "nothing" and making such a noise, that we banished the bell. No more bell. Phew!

I have been wandering around Etsy again (oh the things I do on week day evenings when my friends are busy playing "housewives" and my new lover is off being a Kung Fu panda!) ...and these are the things I have found:

The Cats Meow Collar Charm by RachelsPETdesigns

Blue Paw Print Crystal Collar Charm by RachelsPETdesigns

Botanical Black Collar by PretaPawte


red bamboo said...

Not sure who is looking more 'come hither' in this photo.... you or Blossom!
Cats just suck you into their world don't they!
Love the tags and collars too! I need to peruse Etsy more often.
(sigh... so little time....)

rousabout studio said...

Blossom is gorgeous, I used to have a 'Bronson' aka Birman too!!. Now we have a 'Murphy'...aka Tonkinese... I really miss those blue eyes but not so much the fluff up your nose.... Great cuddly companions though..

sophiehillartist said...

Annie - Blossom looks like she has had too much Christmas Cheer in this photograph... I reckon I wasn't that far behind her though!

Jo - a Tonkinese eh? To be honest with you I have never heard of them... *runs off and googles that kitty* ...Wow, CUTE! Blossom is really old, so I am trying to suss out what breed I may become acquainted with next... and a Tonkinese is pretty spunky!