Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Tweet Army

As you may or may not know, I am pretty lucky (at least I think so!) because my little creations are now homed at COCOON in George Street, Launceston. I think that I have executed my "landing" into COCOON in perfect time; the final "brush ups" of items and nailing all of the finer details to suit within a place as beautiful as COCOON, are complete and now it is just a matter of the creative evolution (of my brain) - oh the things to come?!

I currently stock at COCOON a bit of everything from my label - including the Tasmanian Myrtle Oval Pendants in Rabbit Love, Fat Wren and Bird Cage; Tasmanian Myrtle Brooches in Feather, Pair of Birds and Single Bird; Button Pendants in red, white and black mixed prints; Button Brooches in red, white and black mixed prints; and finally a selection of Button Earrings (small size) in red, white and black mixed prints.

One day I popped into COCOON before dropping off some earrings for a friend, they were the little Sweet Tweet earrings in purple, pink, orange and yellow - I think they caught Suze's eye and I haven't forgotten that - but I only just remembered to mention it to her yesterday when I was in dropping off some more goodies - so now... I am proud to announce that COCOON will be the home of the:

Sweet Tweet Army

Purple - Pink - Orange - Yellow

Blue - White - Navy

Sweet Tweet Army


Bead Up said...

Holy Moley. These are STUNNING. LOVE THEM!

Birds are totally in now, too! :)

Steve Javiel said...


sophiehillartist said...

Thanks guys!
They were fun to make - I can proudly say I am a bird freak.

red bamboo said...

Congrats! Your little creations will fit really well into Cocoon. Next step... WORLD DOMINATION!!!