Friday, May 8, 2009

Word Search - "Leaf Necklace" -

When I normally should be doing other things such as - a) cleaning my room, b) cleaning the bathroom, c) picking up cat fluff... etc - I tend to find myself "elsewhere" and generally speaking, that means on the computer/laptop searching the pages on

Today I typed in: "Leaf Necklace"
And these are my picks:

Brushed Silver Branch Necklace by roundabout

Fresh Beauty of the Valley Artful Hardware Pendant by COGnitivecreations

Hydrangea Cluster Necklace by PatrickIrlaJewelry

Leaf Wreath Choker Necklace by prettypennydesigns

I am hanging out for next week as I have most of the week off and I swear that I won't be leaving the house (only to pick up my poor sick Laptop!)

So many new designs are running around in my head at the moment, but I just don't have to the time (nor the clear desk space) to put pen to paper and draw them out. If you want a hint, this entry about leaves may have something to do with my new designs...


ellie said...


I love love love your designs. Spotted them at Thread Den.
I've just done a little blog post, and used one of your bird necklace photos. Have linked back to your blog and etsy shop.
Ellie : petalplum : red seed studio

Bead Up said...

I also have a few leafy necklaces listed on etsy!