Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Petal

I love the fresh designers on Etsy. The clothing always makes me ooh and ahh and wish that I had spare dollars lying around so that I could purchase such beauties!

At the moment I am going through a massive skirt phase. I have learnt (from trial and error and one-way fights with the mirror) that my body shape doesn't suit skinny leg jeans whatsoever, yet I love a decent boot for winter and prefer to show off the boot, than hide it beneath bootcut jeans... so I have compromised... skirts it is! In particular those that sit a fraction higher on the waist, and subtly balloon out.

My particular favourite:

Petal Skirt by neneee

I adore the seafoam colour, the fabric in which nenee has used and the over all design concept - so cute! I also am quite in love with the little leopard print cardigan that she is paired with the skirt.. purr...!

Teaming a skirt up with boots is pretty much fool-proof. The art of pulling it all together is not to over do it. A busy skirt with loads of pattern and colour, does not require a really chunky in-your-face boot - ew, too much for the fashion brain to comprehend! I like my boots to be chunky with some studding, fringe or lace up - I don't opt for the skin-tight boot, I prefer them to slouch and look loved!

Powder Grey Petal Skirt by hierapparel

Pewter Petal Skirt by hierapparel


Dana_In_Wonderland said...

i love your blog!

sophiehillartist said...

Thankyou for your use of the "L" word ;o)

red bamboo said...

The first petal skirt is awesome! I am getting into the teals and blues at the moment too.