Monday, March 8, 2010

Excited Would Be An Understatement.

I am totally bursting with excitement!
I have been chatting with my photographer friend Ebony Bejah from Caught A Glimpse photography, about the next photoshoot for That Vintage - then it popped into my mind - I don't just want my friend Rebecca to come down from Melbourne for the shoot, but I NEED her to!

So I am thrilled to announce that Rebecca will finally grace her beautiful face with my label That Vintage and two other models!

Elizabeth is the second confirmed model - her look is beautiful, natural and rather romantic. I can't wait to confirm the third model, as she'll make this composition truly complete! Fingers crossed!

Ebony and I have even decided that perhaps a male model is required...
Ooooh lala!
A sweet, romantic love story on a bed of moss... hmm... yummy..!


Violet Bella said...

sounds perfect! is she the one who has taken all of your other photos, they are so beautiful...

SusannahJane. said...

Love your blog :) rebecca will look fantastic and she's so lovely too, lucky to have such a nice model.

jbnc said...

This girl has an amazing look, like you said very 'romantic'. I love it, great pics.