Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fashionable Mother Bird.

Miss James from Bleubird Vintage is the epitome of true beauty - just look at her! Granted, she is glowing and her baby bird bump is expanding! (Which is the icing on the beauty-cake!)

I am so glad that Miss James is sharing her journey of baby bird's incubation with us on her blog - definitely well worth the read... it's making me oh so clucky! Oh and incase you didn't notice, Miss James is wearing a That Vintage pendant - Big Friend, Little Friend - and boy oh boy, doesn't she wear it well!


BLEUBIRD said...

you're sweet as pie. i love my necklace by the way! xoxo.

my bat lightning heart said...

Cute post!
She is beautiful.

Kellie Christie said...

I have given you a circle of friends award. Pop over to my blog if you would like to participate.