Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wii-eally Addicted.

I am so addicted to my new, custom routine on Wii Fit Plus - I start off with Yoga (Deep breathing and warrior pose) then off to Free Form Step for 10 minutes, then into the ring with Rhythm Boxing and back to Free Form Step for another 10 minutes, ending with some Yoga deep breathing... Phew! Clocks up about 40 minutes!


Cassandra Marie said...

Oh my gosh...I want a wii so bad just so I can do wii fit! My friend has it and it's so much fun (and really does work you out)!

Rachael Thomas said...

I wanted a Wii just for the Wii fit. It looks like so much fun!

Shelby Levesque said...

Wii is very addicting. It brings out the most competitive side of you. I fought with a four-year old because I was convinced he was cheating.
I've never tried Wii fit, but all my friends talk about it.
Have fun!