Sunday, March 14, 2010

If Petty Cash Would Let Me...

...I'd buy a million gossip magazines for the staff-room.
Instead, it comes out of my pocket.
I generally just buy FAMOUS magazine for the lunch-break reads at my Bread & Butter job - it is a good mix of fashion, celebs and of course, gossip.

More often than not, they feature some long-winded story on Lady Gaga and her trials and tribulations through life.
I say - "WHATEVER!"
Let the girl live for cryin' out loud!
(Let it be noted, that I don't normally jump on Celebrity Band Wagons of any sort... this is highly out of character!)
The obsession the tabloids have with demoting very successful, talented and out-of-the-square personalities, is truly disturbing.

The local media gets on my nerves sometimes.
Look at how much attention the Australian Media has given to the Bingle-Clarke-Fevovla scandal. We all know what sort of lives these people live - directo-in-the-spot-lighto! It'd be hard to even hang up your ol' tattered and stained underwear on the clothesline without the paparazzi taking super macro shots of your previous skid marks.
(Oh man, did I just type that?! Haha! Way to put it into perspective though!)

On a lighter note.
I am in love with the new clip to "Telephone" by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce.
It's a bit out there - but meh, come on, it is Lady Gaga after all!
Love the costumes, love the music, love the make up, the hair, the story line - the works!

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Clare said...

Thank you for yor lovely comment Sophie! I have been thinking lately, that there is something missing in my life. I have decided that it is most likely one of your Leafy Vine Pendant Necklaces. I love its roundness. I will have to buy one off you.


bye bye snow.. i think you'd rather enjoy it.