Monday, September 28, 2009

Breathing Space

Exhausted - Cary Schmidt

Wow, what a weekend.
Mixed emotions for the best part!
I won't go into too much detail, other than I am proud of the Saints - what a top year, top Grand Final effort - but as I had suspected, towards the end of the 4th quarter either team was going to pull away... unfortunately it wasn't the Saints - the Cats purred a little louder! But hey! There is always next year - right? And I think 2010 is a much better number that 2009! Enough of the sporty sort!

So... I am currently deaf.
Yes, awesome. NOT.
Working a million days straight has finally caught up to me, with a middle ear infection in tow.

Alphabet in American Sign Language by MoonlightAura

I can speak little bits of French and German, but now I have found a new language to take part in - Sign. If only for a few days..!
I actually learnt the sign for "I Love You" years and years ago whilst watching good ol' Sesame Street. Who would have thought!

I love that I have remembered it to this day!
Going to sign my love to my mother bear tonight when she gets home from work... Aww!


Katherine said...

I took some ASL this summer, and I'll be taking more next semester! Too bad I can't be there to teach you!

REread said...

ah football ... i spent the whole weekend trying to avoid it .. not possible!!