Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cosy Tea Me?

Oh tea?
Tea cosy?
Tea CUP cosy?

Tea Love Mug Cosy by KnitStorm

Market day was yesterday, it was delightful to catch up with everyone and meet some new people also - I am certainly looking forward to the Summer markets and seeing Civic Homespun blossom even more so!

Again, (like at Niche) I was positioned next to the lovely Annie of Red Bamboo... ha! Of course I didn't come away empty handed! Annie and I did a wee little trade - she scored a Birdcage pendant and I got lucky with two candles and some soy melts - the turkish mocha candle smells so amazing, my mother is hooked on sniffing it!

Annie's delightful candles - yummmm...!


Isis said...

aren't those knitstorm tea cosie great?! I saw your wonderful stall at the markets yesterday, but was too shy to introduce myself. next time...

x isis

red bamboo said...

Thanks for the plug hon! What a great way to spend a day! Have proudly worn my birdcage pendant already too!