Monday, September 21, 2009

Was That Thunder?

...No, that was my tummy rumbling!

I have just had myself a cup of French Earl Grey tea (thanks to Suz @ Cocoon!) and popped my feet up on the couch after hooning around on the vacuum cleaner - oh the housework! Joy!

The wind is kicking up a real storm outside and my pooch Jazz - decided he'd howl a bit too, so before I finished vacuuming the area near the door leading to the deck, I snuck Jazz indoors to sit "strictly" on the mat.

This is Jazz, doing one of his favourite party tricks:
"I've Had Too Much To Drink"
Coincidently, this was on Christmas day... Merry as?

Jazz is a big black labrador. His tail is a weapon in itself, hence why when he very rarely comes indoors, he must stay on his mat. Jazz has worked out that sneaking around on the floor boards really slowly and as "light as a feather" (as he possibly could be) is OUT of the question! I let Jazz "unwind" on the mat for about 20 minutes before I had to escort him back out to his premises. The short trip to "Paradise Indoors" was exactly that, short lived - yet the wagging of his tail assured me that he appreciated his sojourn.

Whilst sipping on my cup of tea, I watched a cooking show - one of the millions on the box around this time of day.
But it is what James Reeson of Alive And Cooking whipped up today, that got my tum-tum in a bit of a storm.

Chicken and Olive Sugo.

The name alone sounds yum.

I love chicken, I love olives, I love random words like "sugo."

For the recipe of this rather simple dish (or so he made out!)
head to the website: Chicken and Olive Sugo.

I have a feeling that I will be cooking this in the next couple of days... yum or what!


innerearthsoaps said...

Jazz is such a cutie! x

sophiehillartist said...

He's a bit of a dag hey!

red bamboo said...

Jazz looks like he's doing his version of what I call our cat's 'Defrosting Chicken' pose - all four paws in the air, slowly sinking towards the ground as they fall asleep!