Monday, September 21, 2009

For The Love Of Cocoon

I have some exceptional friends.
I have some clever friends.

I have some amazingly amazing friends.

Cocoon - 109 George Street, Launceston

Those of you who are savvy with handmade goodies, would know all about Cocoon in George Street, Launceston. Those of you who do embark on the adventure into the doors of Cocoon would know the beautiful face of Suz - the ever friendly, always ready to greet, chat, and show off the newest of the new in Cocoon.

Well guess what... she's my friend.
So there!

I love you Suz!
Suz's polymer clay earrings are available at Cocoon - snap them up - they are divine!


Han said...

i must admit i haven't ventured into there for a long time! the earrings look super cute, i'm assuming some of your sweeties are in there too?! you're ridiculously lucky to have such awesome friends!!

sophiehillartist said...

Hey Han!

Suz's earrings are scrumptious and so well made too - you should head in and check them out for sure :o)

And yes, she has got a little range of That Vintage in there too!

Take care :o)