Monday, September 21, 2009

The Reason For Colour

I love colour.
This is not a secret.

3 Loop Necklace Scarves by nitca

I exposed my love of colour from a young age - I never used a black marker to outline my drawings, it was always blue or red.
I didn't like colouring books because they seemed to black and white in the shops.
I also didn't like colouring books because I felt confined.
(Such an artist!)

My mother use to dress me in the coolest of threads by Esprit, Gumboots and Osh Kosh. All bright colours and no black at all - I don't think I even had a pair of black shoes that weren't school shoes!

I was flippin' through a gossip magazine on my lunch break last week and saw a two page spread on Angelina Jolie and her brood - nicknamed the "Monochrome Gang".
Each child was dressed in white, off-white, black or charcoal - how boring!!
They are kids!! They stand out more when you dress them so "black and white" - for lack of a better description!

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