Monday, September 21, 2009

Elephant In The Room

(I am on a blog-roll! So why stop now!)

Oh Grey...
You're not quite black, nor white.

Grey, you are unique, you are sometimes called a shade or a tone - but either way, Grey - you really rock it. Like a smooth pebble. Or a thick moody thunder cloud. Or the cold concrete pavement. You rock.

This is my tribute to Grey.

Rosette Jersey Scarf by ellainaboutique

Necklush by necklush

Bubble Dress with Leather Collar by JaeyoonJeong

Grey Owl Cocoon Pod by ittybittycouture


troy said...

thank you for including Necklush on your wonderful site amongst so many talented artists! We really do appreciate it!

red bamboo said...

As I was scrolling down I was going "ooh like that... oh and THAT.. that too!... they're all good!!". Thanks again for introducing us to some new talented folks!