Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Little Frenchie.

It just goes to show that a tonne of tape wrapped around an envelope, prevents theft.
True story...
The beautiful Amelie from Paris (oui mon ami, my favourite!) was the unfortunate customer who was robbed by someone along the postal lines - whether that be Australian or French, whatever nationality - the theft really bummed Amelie and myself out; some people can be so dishonest - it really is a kick in the guts for the human race.

At the end of the day, all I want is for my lovely customers to be super happy with their shopping experience; I mailed a replacement to Amelie (this time the bubble envelope was wrapped in alot of tape) and she received it... judging from the photo's above, she is in love - that's the way I like it!

Be sure to check out Amelie's beautiful blog - - it is in French, but up the top right hand corner is a UK flag, click it and wella! In English!


Rachael Thomas said...

Lame that someone stole it the first time! That makes me so mad! I'm glad she got it the second time though

GemmaJoy said...

That's terrible that people can do that. I'm glad she got her beautiful brooch the second time round

April Skye said...

To restore the balance, I think Amelie and yourself will be greeted with the random kindness from a stranger, I am sure of it! :) so keep your heart open with a smile. So many people out there will disappoint you... but give it time :)
That was very nice of you to send her a replacement
And it looks fab, by the way :)

April Skye xx

red bamboo said...

Good idea with the tape - sorry the first package went astray! Some people are just sad...

Amelie said...

Thank you for the post Sophie :) And a very special thanks for sending me a second brooch ♥ I'm so happy that i got it at the end, it's such a delicate piece of jewelry!

E R I N said...

those little birds seem to
have found one VERY stylish

maybe i could stuff myself
into an envelope, tape it
well and live in paris for
a while.....


ps: karma will always win.