Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Theory About Rogue.

About a week ago, I purchased a new gadget.
Yes, I know - "but what about your overseas holiday?!"
The reason I purchased this gadget, is because it will be quite useful whilst on the overseas holiday!
I purchased an iPod touch.
I have been loving it big time, have a few games installed, plus all of my music - it's great, it even has internet access - which is a huge plus, because most youth hostels overseas have wireless internet access - i.e. justifying the purchase of such a gadget!

Tech-ee TOO pouch by RogueTheory.

With such an investment, I felt it was obvious to ensure it's safety within something very cosy, snug and pretty.

I spent hours - literally, hours - on Etsy, browsing for something of the above description. That is when I came across the store RogueTheory, and let me tell you first hand, their work is of the utmost quality!
I bought the above Tech-ee TOO pouch from their store - and the photographs in the listing, clearly don't do this product justice! My iPod touch has a "gecko" skin (protective) which I thought would make it harder to put into such a pouch, but nope... no hassle whatsoever - snug as a bug in a rug - as they say!

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