Thursday, November 19, 2009

Am I Prepared? I Think So!

Oh man Oh man OH MAN!
Where are the hours going?
I am working my fingers to the bone, getting ready for The Niche Market as well as finishing up some wholesale orders too.

I am going to be super duper "prepared" for The Niche Market. No joke.

I ran out of red and black ribbon for the Wrap Bangles... so I decided to be a bit adventurous (and colourful!)...

Tangerine, Grape & Watermelon.

These three colours are so HOT! I am tempted to keep them all, but seriously, what would I do with nine bangles? I would look a bit strange wearing them all at once. But how awesome are these summery hues? I can't wait to see them truck out at the market! *wink wink!*

This may seem like an interesting photograph... yes.
I told you that I was getting really "prepared" for The Niche Market.


263 pairs of button earrings.

Surely that'll do me for the three day event?!

Back to getting more blisters upon blisters.


Civic Homespun Market said...

gee sophie, at the pace you're moving you don't need that bed to sleep in anyway, might as well use it to store your stock ;)

red bamboo said...

Nice to see you've been keeping busy!!!
The new colours in the bangles look brill! Think they will go very nicely at Niche!
Think you might be a little more ready to go than me!!

Aussie-waffler said...

I just LOVE those colourful bangles, grape and watermelon, delicious.