Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Push My Button

It is a known fact that my family has the "hoarder" vibe going on... my dad has a whole room (almost the length of the house) full to the ceiling with drums, kits, cymbals and other percussion instruments.

As for me, I collect buttons. It started when I started working at my retail job - and I would find buttons on the shop floor which had fallen out of the spare button bag... we have a bag in one of the draws at the counter, which we put all the abandoned spare buttons in.

One day, probably in Spring, the store was getting a slight clean out... and all the buttons were destined for the rubbish bin. I could let it happen. Their little holey faces were sad at the thought of the rubbish bin. So I adopted them. And a million others.

I came across
Kellie Christie's blog via another blog via another blog - I'm sure you know how it is!

What she does with buttons is truly amazing and oh so fun!

I decided that my box of buttons was going to waste... so I bundled them up and posted them to Kellie. I knew she'd justify the bright colours and muted tones... rather than just leaving them in a box, forgotten about!

In return she sent me a lovely bracelet and necklace in the yummiest of colours - caramel, rust and chocolate ... (No photo's at the moment, my camera is definitely not loving life...)

Head to Kellie's blog to check out her amazing creations and colour combos!


Kellie Christie said...

That's great :-) Thanks Sophie

Lrc said...

There are some great buttons out there...wonderful that yours found a loving home! great stuff! There is a great bead store near my house that sells awesome vintage glass buttons that I had to buy...they are called "The Bead Factory" and they are in Tacoma, WA USA

Raewyn said...

You are so lovely Miss Sophie! I love buttons a bit too much also! But I have plans in the making for them, I promise!

Katherine said...

Wow, I can't believe how inexpensive her stuff is!

Those wrap around bracelets remind me of the old candy bracelets I used to love, but they're totally more sophisticated. Definitely keeping an eye on that shop!