Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giveaway: Wren Earrings

*Giveaway is now closed! Thankyou for all your memorable entries! Winner will be announced shortly..*

It feels like years since I last blogged. In reality it has been maybe... two weeks? I have been to New Zealand and back... and I've also gotten a year older in that time - I am now twenty-three! Phew. The year is truly flying!

As promised (and slightly delayed) I am celebrating my Birthday... but the catch is that one of YOU will score the gift!
Up for grabs is one of the newest That Vintage designs.

To get your hands on these cute little tweetin' darlings for your ear lobes, all you need to do is the following:

Tell me about your most memorable childhood birthday: How old were you? Did you have a party or a sleep over or a trip to the movies? Did you nail the tail on the donkey first go? What were in your lolly bags? Best cake/worst cake? Tears and tantrums? Please include your email address in your entry!

Giveaway closes on Monday 16th November - winner will be notified by blog entry and email.

Let loose party animals and help me celebrate my Birthday by entering this give away!


Kellie Christie said...

The most memorable thing about childhood birthdays for me is the cakes!! My mum always made our birthday cakes from the good old Womens Weekly Cake Book. I've had a mouse, a rabbit, a pig and many more. Womens Weekly now have a number of those cake books and it's nice to see that they still have some of the classics in there.

lucyrogue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! Did you have a good one?

My most memorable birthday was my 9th when I had a CRAFT PARTY. It was awesome. We made potpourri and lace wall hangers and these little 3D pictures using double-sided tape. I think there was also some sort of intense icy pole stick and PVA glue construction going on. For my present everyone brought me a little something to go in my craft box. I got the cutest buttons and lots of lace and even some puff paint (so cool in the early 90's).
So yes, that was my most memorable birthday... until the next year when I had a Ninja Turtles party.

Thanks for having yet another giveaway with the added bonus of a chance to reminisce. xo

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

I had so many fun parties as a child. My mum used to put so much effort in to make them a bit different. When I was in grade 6 I had a 'punk party'. There were chains, mohawks, coloured hair spray, fake tattoos, big belts - I thought I was sooo cool. I wish I could attach a photo!

(I love the earrings!)

Kym said...

Many little birthday parties were had,
To think about them makes me happy and sad,
Happy at the memories of a wonderful time,
but sad that it seems to have flown by,
I had sleep over birthday parties and swimming pool water balloon fights,
But the most memorable of all I think hasn't happen quite yet and it's one I want to get just right,
My little girls first birthday is next year in Feb,
We are going to have bubbles and pink polka dots and fingers crossed a good time by will be said,
The invitations funny enough,
are matching little birds like your earrings pictured above.
What could be cuter then to adorn my ears,
then with little birds that bring plenty of cheer.

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

p.s I remembered that I have a photo online from aforementioned punk party!
(good grief!)

Cassandra Marie said...

Well that would have to be my 20th bday party...we had a "Rockstars" party where people had to dress up as their favorite musician (or just a musician in general), and to this day...people still talk about how big/fun it was :D

innerearthsoaps said...

My most memorable childhood birthday was my 5th - mum made a real gingerbread house for the cake, decorated in icing and smarties and even a little fence made of musk sticks. Plus we had all the other awesome stuff: fairy bread, pin the tail, pass the parcel, and lolly bags for the guests :)

megsymoo said...

Well my most memorable childhood birthday was my '25th Disco Dress Up Party'. The theme was Disco and everyone dressed up it was compulsory. I even had a little colourful fluffy leopard print dace podium made up, disco decorations, disco themed songs, a smoke machine, a disco bubble machine, and last but not least the token disco ball.

My friends, family and I danced our little disco tooshies off all night. Best childhood birthday ever.

You may be starting to question my logic here "25 thats not a child?" ohhh but it so is!!! It totally took me back to my childhood days of brightly coloured clothes, bad hair and old school Michael Jacksons songs.

Bring on more 25th disco parties I say...

Sharnee Torrents said...

My most amazing birthday memory was this fantastic castle cake that Mum made for me! I was 5 and she super stared!!! Actually the highlight for every year was certainly the cake, her and Dad always worked on them together (which now means ooddels when he's not here anymore) and she always left it as a surprise! I loved that, the revealing moment was always full of sheer delight and excitement!!!
Thanks for sharing with us, sorry i haven't popped over more!! Will do now!
Love and super hugs
Sharnee :0)

Raewyn said...

I am not entering the giveaway, as I was lucky enough to win the last, but my earliest memory of a birthday was when I turned 5, and at kindy they had a party for me, where I got a cool cardboard crown with horses and glitter on it, and a cake made out of playdough. I went home so excited to tell my family, but no one was that interested as our cat was having kittens right at that moment! And I always used to get so excited about my birthdays that I would vomit the night before, wierdo...

Rosie said...

My most memorable was my 10th. I scored a BMX bike. It was red. You have to realise that this was the 80s and BXM's were all the range and now I had one... until dad backed over it with the car...sob...sob...sob

SharpTeethOfLove said...

My most memorable birthday was the year my parents rented the ENTIRE skating rink just for me and my friends. Roller skating was a huge deal then and I ended up with more people at my party than I actually knew- and tons of presents from virtual strangers! :)

Wicked Child Designs said...

I think my most favourite birthday party was my 21st. Everyone I knew came over dressed as either a rock star or movie star. My best friend Kristian sang Abba with my mum, and my dad sang a song specially written for me.

Love your earrings, and hope you had an awesome birthday. And well done getting into Peppermint ! xo Teneale

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Woohoo! Love a give away, love yours even more;) So this is a birthday day story, not a party. The day I turned 5 was a kinder day and all I wanted was a kiss from my 'boy friend'. So I kissed him on the cheek, he was not impressed and told the teacher and I got in trouble :P So girls, always play hard to get, or you will get in trouble on your birthday!

Katy said...

mmm i can't actually remember one specifically from growing up - but my most memorable ever is this years 1970's dressup birthday - VERY memorable...