Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Proof Is In The Film - Part Two

So let me get myself out of the way...
I decided to have a new photo done for my upcoming website - hopefully forward this image on to Bec Winnel and she'll illustrate it into a wonderful masterpiece... we will see!
I am (not-professionally) modelling the Pair Of Birds Brooch... ha! I'm much more suited to holding the pliers and what not in my hands, rather than doing the modelling side of things!

Now... on to the professionals.
This is the beautiful Jessica Curran, who kindly let Ebony and I use her ear lobes and good looks for the wooden earring photos. I am so amazed with how they turned out - truly stunning!

Click on each image to see full view - so you get the gist of Jessica's true beauty and Ebony's amazing photography skills!


Raewyn said...

These photos are true stunners, the model is gorgeous, and your earrings are perfect! I love them, they will have to go on my Christmas list!

Lrc said...

Wonderful photos and pretty earrings!

red bamboo said...

Puhleese! You are a hottie (don't deny it!!). I think you look just as lovely in the pictures as anyone else!! (oh the earrings are nice too......)

Priscila said...

oh my gosh what a beautiful blog! Love it!!!!!

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Cassandra Marie said...

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