Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Winner Is...


I have absolutely LOVED doing this blog give away shindig - but more so, loved hearing the amazing responses from you all!

I swear, I needed massive boxes of Kleenex tissues and huge cups of tea whilst reading and re-reading all the entries... brought up A LOT of emotions and memories for myself - so thankyou ONE AND ALL for entering - you all touched me ev
er so deeply!
I will be replying to you all, (that entered) as I have a "virtual gift" for you all! If I don't/can't get a hold of you, please email me - - so that you can receive your gift!

But of course, with a give away... there can only be one winner.
And you guys made it so hard!
But after tossing up all the tugs at my heart strings... the sound of a friendly voice (with a hint of a familiar accent - Winner? Can you confirm this!?), whom I have spoken to just briefly before... seemed to tug a little harder...

You are the winner!

...Although, congratulations doesn't feel like the right word to be typing - more like: *stunned silence* and a lot of friendship hugs your way... that seems to be a little more fitting...

This was Raewyn's entry:

"For me, it was not long after the birth of my son Ariki, and I didn't know it, but had post-natal depression. I couldn't stop crying, and I called my friend Gemma, and she could only hear my sobbing and said 'I'll be right over'. She stayed with me til my husband got home, took me to the doctors, held my beautiful son. The best thing about a close friend is knowing you would both give anything to stop the other from hurting. I'm going to
call her now xxx"

Post Natal Depression is something that I fear.
I am only twenty two, yet I have babies on the brain, something chronic!

I have heard some seriously distressing stories about people who have battled with Post Natal Depression, at first I would think: "how could you NOT be drawn to that lovely little
bundle of baby goodness!" - but now I understand, after much research and talking with people who have gone through Post Natal Depression, that a bundle of baby goodness is a truly life changing experience. I admire those who have soldiered on through Post Natal Depression and live to speak of such strength. Even more so, I admire those friends of whom have endured such blues all in the name of friendship - the fact that you stick by a friend in such heart wrenching times is incredible. I hope that if Post Natal Depression ever touches me or my loved-friends close by, that I'll be the strong type of person that Raewyn had by her side - and more so, be as courageous as Raewyn has been to speak of such a blue time.

Oh and for the record.
Raewyn's little boy is so truly 100% adorably cutie-pa-tootie, the only kid whom I'd let touch my earrings at my stall at the market! So... congratulations on creating such a cute little man!!


Raewyn said...

Gee Sophie, you are going to make me cry! Thank you so much for your kind words, and the beautiful prize! My friend Gemma will love it xxx

sophiehillartist said...

You are well worthy of it! xx

Thanks to everyone who entered! I can't wait until my next blog give away... *hint hint* Mid November?! My 23rd Birthday 8th November... so stay tuned! x

St├ęphanie said...

Congrats to the winner !
Sophie, here is my email adress :

(This prize was fantastic !!!)

cappy sue creations said...

Oh that is truly a great story and I love how you put the part about stopping a friend from hurting. Thanks sophie for having such a great contest to.

red bamboo said...

Great Giveaway and great response! Well done Sophie!