Friday, October 9, 2009

Journal & I

When I get a little flat in life, which is actually very rare these days - I love to write. Or doodle.

Sometimes it is a mix of words and shapes. I have a habit of drawing vines that weave their way over multiple pages and morph into different species of plant.

When I draw my little birds, I do spend a lot of time on them - making sure that their chests are puff and full, that their eyes are bright and beady, and their wings curl just at the right point. Very rarely do I just doodle birds. Birds to me, are worth more than just a doodle.
I love birds.

This is one of my original pieces, an ink and coloured pencil drawing. I actually sold this for a measly $40.00. I really do regret selling it... for any price! If the owner ever reads this, I actually would love to buy it back from you..!

I use to keep journals all the time.
I actually carried one around in my handbag or satchel, but ever since I stopped going to Art School, the "Journal & I" relationship seemed to fade.

To be honest with you, the jewellery spawned from the drawings and now the jewellery is flapping its wings to the point where I barely have time to sit down and sketch the little wren that bounces around outside of my bedroom window. I sketch him in my mind though, and paint his puffed-up bust with a bright hue of cobalt blue... it is such a shame that vision can't burn itself onto a piece of paper in front of you.

I am contemplating buying one of Isis' cleverly reinvented notebooks, just so that it inspires me to whip out the pencil and do a little doodling and scribbling, now that Spring has fi
nally sprung! Isis has a variety of lino printed notebooks in every colour of the rainbow.

But I have a soft spot for the forest green...


Aussie-waffler said...

That really is a very lovely sketch, such a shame that you regret selling it :(

Isis said...

love your sketch too. thanks for featuring me sophie, you're a darl
x isis

Kelly said...

Aw I used to look at your sketches on myspace. You really should get back into them :)

red bamboo said...

That sketch is beautiful hon! You need to find some time to get back into them. Who knows, the person who bought it might get in touch again one day!