Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blisters Upon Blisters

My fingers are pounding with pain!
I am flipping out - making so much stock in such little time!
(Yet I can squeeze in a blog? Oh that's right, I am waiting for glue to dry!)

I have just finished putting together about 40 pendant necklaces - after wrestling and untangling 100 feet of chain - thanks very much to myself for dropping the chain on the ground, in turn causing it to unravel off its spool and into a pile of knots and mayhem!

And here is a sneak peak at some new bold coloured stud earrings ready for the Niche Market, last weekend in November. This photo (camera-phone) doesn't really do the colours justice, I will be taking better pictures in the next few weeks - showcasing what I will be having at Niche! My favourite colour out of the ones below are the teal green pair at the very end. So sping!

I am being extra prepared this time, I think I'll have close to 400 pairs of earrings on hand for the three day event... so far, I have made 220 pairs, maybe? Still so much more to make! I feel sleepy just contemplating it all!


Kellie Christie said...

You pendants and earrings look awesome!! Love the new colours too!! Just keep working at it and I'm sure you will have heaps made in time :-)

red bamboo said...

All looking good as usual. Did giggle a bit with the 'unspooling chain' part of your blog entry. Love the pendants (as you know) and the colours are looking awesome! Got your very funky earrings in the mail today. THANKS MUCHLY!!!
Feel your pain re. the Niche prepatations.... losing sleep....constantly thinking of candles and melts....