Sunday, October 11, 2009

Giveaway: Pair Of Birds

**GIVE AWAY CLOSED - stay tuned for next give away! Mid November!**
Celebrating Friendship!
I have jumped on the Giveaway Band Wagon because I am feeling super generous and know that these little darling tweeters need a lovely home!

The Pair Of Birds brooch, which is laser cut from Tasmanian Myrtle Wood, is a wearable piece of artwork, as the original drawing was inspired from my friendships with so many gorgeous people. I see myself as one bird, and my friends as the other - "it is you and me, sitting on a branch!"

To win this pair of little tweeters, you simply need to leave a comment below with your email address and answer the following question:

What has been your most memorable, lovey-dovey moment with your closest friend?

Entries into the Giveaway close on Wednesday 14th October, 8:00pm EDST Australia.
The winner will be decided on creative merit, believability and sentiment, so get your feather out to tickle my heart strings!
The winner will be notified by email and also in an updated blog entry.
Good luck!


katrina and the king said...

Gosh...right of the top of my head. I remember a few years ago I was going through a pretty serious breakup...or rather a wedding being called off. Anyways...I was also totally broke. So my friend (who lives in hawaii while I, mainland) went grocery shopping for me, and SENT me groceries and cash. I've known her since I was 16 but this TRULY touched my heart! Who DOES that?!

lucyrogue said...

Gorgeous birds.
Oh I have so many fabulous friend moments... how to choose?

I called my friend Kelly when I was having a rough time. She lives in Melbourne and I live in Darwin. Next thing I know she was knocking at my door, having jumped on a flight that very afternoon. She stayed for ages and filled my days with little surprises until I was able to find my own joy again.
Actually, if I win this giveaway I'll give it to Kelly.

annika0101 said...

oh wow, the most memorable friend moment...

Growing up I had one and only true best friend, sadly she had to move away, I found it shocking that I was the only friend in Tassie who kept in contact with her. Everytime she came down to visit I would be waiting anxiously to see her. I'd met her longterm boyfriend only a few times but he was such a top bloke and I was so happy she had found someone to share the rest of her life with.

A few days after their 5 year anniversary I get a phone call 'Anni I'm engaged, and I want you as my bridesmaid' I burst into tears, I was full of excietment and be a bridesmaid for her, I was honored. Eversince we have chatted everyday, and I've flown to her in Sydney to do wedding shopping and planning.

Reading your rational behind the birds has made me realise she is my bird, the type of friend that it doesn't matter how long you go without talking, when you catch up it's like you have never left. A true friend who see's you on your good days and bad days and still loves you :)

Aussie-waffler said...

When I was about 14 I went on a seaside holiday with a dear friend and her family. There was one gorgeous evening when we walked out and sat on the rocks at the edge of the bay. The breeze was warm and gentle, the lights were glinting off the glassy water, and sharing that perfect moment with my bestie just made it all the more sublime.

Raewyn said...

For me, it was not long after the birth of my son Ariki, and I didn't know it, but had post-natal depression. I couldn't stop crying, and I called my friend Gemma, and she could only hear my sobbing and said 'I'll be right over'. She stayed with me til my husband got home, took me to the doctors, held my beautiful son. The best thing about a close friend is knowing you would both give anything to stop the other from hurting. I'm going to call her now xxx

St├ęphanie said...

A real emotional moment for me was my friend Luc. He rent an appartement in my town and gave me the keys of this appartement and tell me : "this is your too". I love this boy ! (Sorry for my bad english !)

Isis said...

I don't have many close friends, so those that I have, I really cherish. 3 1/2 yrs ago I met a cute, quirky girl who I fell in love with straight away. She's crazy, thoughtful, spontaneous, fun, weird, gorgeous and has a funny earring collecting ;) One day I received a tabasco sauce box in the mail. Inside it was a roll of paper with a restaurant's whole day's worth of orders printed on it. It was the restuarant we had worked at together and in between the black food & drink orders were bright red comments - to me! She had spent 12 hrs at work typing little notes to me (like: "i think i just stuffed up table 10's order", "time for a daquiri isis?") in between serving, running food and making drinks - just so she could print it off and send it to me! she's a gem, I hope we never lose contact. I would definitely sent the 'friends' brooch to her.

x isis

cappy sue creations said...

Hmm I think this is the one that sticks out the most. My best friend and I were both blue very blue over various problems in our lives. Worst yet we were seperated by me being in the midwest and her living on the eastern sea board. Well she told right after thanksgiving how she had no christmas spirit and was really just not even sure what she should do with her life.
Having no answer for that as I to am usually confused about my life I did what I could to make her have christmas spirit.
I took a tiny christmas tree and decorated it with vintage pins some of which had meaning to us both. I then included a peice of my mothers garland which she knew was priceless to me. I also made and bought some tiny ornaments for her to put on the tree to. I then packed and mailed it to her with a cd of christmas carols.
She called and laughed and loved it. She told me that it made her feel like I was there every time she saw it.
Well I was thrilled but still had some sadness with every thing in my life at the time. The 23rd of december I got a knock on the door. It was my best friend. I was never more happy to see any one. It really meant the world to me that she came down. We had a great christmas.

cappy sue creations said...

lol forgot my email

Civic Homespun Market said...

hehe, soph my bestest friend owns your pair of birds brooch! i gave it to her when looking for a birthday gift and you told me the meaning behind it.
we met while working for a national company, both as territory managers. she covered country vic and i covered the whole of tas. we used to drive hours every day and passed the time on the phone to each other - hands free, of course!
that was 6 years ago. we became fast friends and within 3 months holidayed together.
we even negotiated with our boss to ditch our individual rooms in our crappy hotel and upgrade to a shared room at the sofitel in melbourne! we travelled to melbourne for meetings fortnightly so it was a great scam!
kirsty is in melbourne now and we regularly travel back and forth to see each other. not a day goes by when we don't text or call. she has been down for my birthday every year for 6 years. in fact, she was down just this past weekend for my 33rd birthday!
i love all the friend stories. good friends are so special.

tealeclan said...

Some of the closest moments seem to be,
when I was a kid and fancy free,
you would give your friends a hug and a kiss,
without a second thought, like is that PC, yes they were moments of bliss,
you whisper secrets and know there kept forever
as true childhood friendships never sever,
and as the years pass by and tomorrows become the past,
you both grow older, more mature and life seems to be so fast,
now the treasured moments are over a cup of tea,
where your closet friend sits and listens attentively,
tears can be shed, body filling laughs echo through your home,
and you know that you both will always be there for each other, always be closest friend no matter how far you roam.


red bamboo said...

My closest friend is my husband. I was sweet on him from the moment we met, but we were both in other relationships at the time. 5 years later we finally got together when he came for a holiday to Cairns where I was living. Driving back to his home in Brisbane he stopped in Townsville to spend one night with his relatives there. His Aunt was a lecturer at TAFE for art and craft and he got her to sit up with him for the entire night (before a 9 hour drive to Bris!) so that he could hand make me my own teddybear! He called the bear 'William' and he sits on my bed to this day.