Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Egg Has Hatched

Here they are! (Finally!)
New wooden stud earrings in three designs - leafy vine, rabbit love and wren.
Already have more in the making-process as I have a feeling these may truck out!

Contact me here if you are interested in a pair as I have a special deal for those who read my blog - mates rates? or?!


lucyrogue said...

Hey they are gorgeous Sophie! Now, if only I hadn't just ordered five pairs of earrings. I hope they don't sell out before I can justify another purchase ;-)

cappy sue creations said...

They are simply lovely little earring. Hey thank you so much btw I am in love with my new clips :)

Angela said...

I'd love a pair of the little birdy ones! How can I get my hands on a pair? :-) They are just gorgeous.

sophiehillartist said...

Hey Angela - you can purchase them from my Etsy store!

Angela said...

Thanks Sophie, I'll get on and grab a pair when I get home tonight, thanks

tealeclan said...

They are just gorgeous! Well done you talented girl! I love my earring, waiting for a occasion to wear them out, I don't want my daughters grubby little fingers making a mess of them!
I love the little birdy best :)


red bamboo said...

These are looking awesome! Can't wait to grab some and tee them up with my pendant. Love the little earrings you sent the other week too - I think I look very snazzy when I wear them out!
Bring on Niche.... I feel another swap coming on!