Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night

So... Let me be honest with you all.
I actually don't go out.
(Okay, I do, but not out on the town in Launceston.)

I don't do clubs, sometimes I do pubs, but I don't "waste my Saturday night" and "kill brain cells" and "tear some muscles" on the dance floor, like I use to back in ...2005?
For a number of reasons, mainly because I see it is a waste of hard earned money, and secondly, this town is pretty bad sober, let alone intoxicated!

So I like to spend my Saturday nights indoors.
Tonight I am doing exactly that.
Red wine, potato wedges and sour cream... and wii.

I am a closet geek, gamer, nerd, wii-addict.
I am addicted to playing The Sims Pets 2.
I have 9 families, and approximately 21 pets...
Some maybe procreating as I type this, you never know!

I'm not all that certain on the "aim of this game" other than you need to keep your Sim(s) happy... all the freakin' time - a lot harder than in real life! You get your Sim a job, a friend (or 3) may turn into a lover, you learn to cook, clean, exercise, get creative, use a computer and most importantly - teach your pet right from wrong AND give it love.

I am competitive, or something like it.

I get excited when my Sim gets a level up in the career section and earns more money.
I am thrilled when my Sim gets coupled with another Sim and they have a shot-gun wedding in a matter of seconds.
I am stoked when my Sim teaches my pet a new trick.

Most of all.
I am over the moon that I end up wasting hours on playing the wii.

What was that?
Wasting hours?
Like being drunk out on the town in Launceston?
Go figure!


Anonymous said...

I've never played Sim because I'd get addicted.

And I too love playing Wii; I am a formidable boxer on that bad boy.

Being a homebody is fun, I say, especially with junk food and video games!

Isis said...

ha ha ha, i too got addicted to sims 2 on my computer. it got to the point where if i was hungry and ate something, i would imagine my own 'hunger meter' going up. sad i know. that is why i'm banned from all sims games :) watch out!!

x isis

red bamboo said...

I can't comment on your 'geekness' - I am waiting (somewhat breathlessly) for Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis to come down a little in price so I can finally find out what the heck is going on!!!
Have never played the Sims, but know where to go for insider tips now.

Margaret said...

I love Wii. And I love the Sims. I get way too addicted though... I always tell myself I'll stop after say an hour or two. Never happens! I spend most of my weekend nights playing wii as well!

that's what happens when you grow up:)

Rhianne said...

your saturdays sound great, I love the Sims!