Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bit Of Alpha Lovin'

They all mean something to us, whether it be the first letter of your first name, the letter that begins your favourite colour, or letters that are tricky clever ones that also mean something... as in the letter "B" and "C" and "T"

How cute are these?

Vintage Gold Alphabet Charm Necklace by theMIX

They remind me of an old kiddies encyclopedia book that I had when I was about twelve... each letter was formed using shapes/objects/animals which began with that letter.

But if you thought the letters were pretty amazing, then look what else I stumbled upon in theMIX's Etsy shop...

Talk about reinventing the past!


Katherine said...

"I also have the letters K, T and W, not shown in the picture. Please convo me if you'd like to see them, thanks!"

So, my family calls me Kati and my last name begins with a W, so naturally I was looking for either a K or W, and I find that sentence.

That probably means I should ask for the pictures, right?

sophiehillartist said...

Haha the universe works in mysterious ways?!!

Katherine said...

I think I like your stuff more, gold isn't really my color. A large purchase with you is much better in my book!

Aussie-waffler said...

You've been blogged Missy.I love your earrings to pieces, they are perfect :) xx

Mookah said...

Found my way here via Aussie Waffler, and I'm hooked. I'm off to visit your etsy shop right now!