Thursday, April 29, 2010

Niche Is On.

Niche is back on!
Starting today 10:00am until 4:00pm - and again tomorrow, at the new location of the Boathouse in Launceston.
(See flyer above)

I won't be having a stall at this particular Niche event, as I ran out of time to organise myself - and a stressed-out-little-Sophie is not a pretty one! But rest assured fellow lovers of handmade, that if you go down to Niche today or tomorrow, you will be tickled pink with absolute delight of the work on show - why not get your mother something for Mother's Day?!

I will update you all soon, about when That Vintage will be at Niche... *wink wink*

P.S. Don't forget about Share The Love Appeal!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Share The Love Appeal

People can be truly amazing.
Every single person has a purpose on this planet.
Nell Cook visited Africa last month, to share her love with those who need it most, in turn bringing back with her a heavy heart and the drive to do more.

After flicking through Nell's photographs on facebook, the gravity of the situation hit me hard; the faces of the children pictured are so worthy of every ounce of love possible.
I felt that I needed to do something.

This is why I have created the Share The Love Appeal on behalf of That Vintage. To read Nell's story in depth please head to the Share The Love Appeal page.

From every Pair Of Birds Brooch purchased off the That Vintage Etsy store (until 20th June 2010) $15.00US will be donated to the World Vision Australia Child Rescue cause.

We each have a voice and just one voice can be so powerful.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So She Weaves Her Magic Again.

Bec Winnel has done it again.
This time she has illustrated myself, yes moi, into her realm of sweet, subtle, whimsical imagery...
Wow and wow and wow.

That's A Wrap.

Click on them for a closer view!

Oh my goodness, I am so thrilled with the photographs from the shoot - I will be uploading more to the official website in the coming week, but for now, enjoy the ones above!
Photography by Ebony Bejah -

Love On The Horizon.

Photograph by Ella Hill.

I just want to share with you all a little secret.
A little gesture of love, compassion and good-will that will be gracing the That Vintage blog and Etsy store in the coming days...

I have been moved quite considerably by a Facebook friend's adventure to Africa, apart of the Child Rescue cause with World Vision; I feel compelled to do my bit for the cause - details to come in the next few days, and yes, it will involve you... and you... oh and of course, you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Little Frenchie.

It just goes to show that a tonne of tape wrapped around an envelope, prevents theft.
True story...
The beautiful Amelie from Paris (oui mon ami, my favourite!) was the unfortunate customer who was robbed by someone along the postal lines - whether that be Australian or French, whatever nationality - the theft really bummed Amelie and myself out; some people can be so dishonest - it really is a kick in the guts for the human race.

At the end of the day, all I want is for my lovely customers to be super happy with their shopping experience; I mailed a replacement to Amelie (this time the bubble envelope was wrapped in alot of tape) and she received it... judging from the photo's above, she is in love - that's the way I like it!

Be sure to check out Amelie's beautiful blog - - it is in French, but up the top right hand corner is a UK flag, click it and wella! In English!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Little Taste.

click to see the beauty!
A tasty-teaser from the shoot by Ebony of Caught A Glimpse Photography.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Behind The Scenes.

Just a little teaser...
Click for a closer look!
The above photographs were taken by my darling sister, Ella Hill - she was snapping away whilst we were getting ready; Ella also made the most of the day by taking shots of models that weren't being used by Ebony Bejah at the time - more on all of that later! Such a fun, action packed, beautiful day - gorgeous weather, amazing locations and amazing people!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giving The Birds A Home Amongst The Flowers.

That Vintage has a new home amongst the flowers, the leaves and all things of an exquisite nature!
The Kings Meadows Florist on Hobart Road in Launceston, is the latest home for That Vintage.
The beautiful Lauren Burt (apprentice), contacted me through facebook, with the hopes that I'd stock to them - and well, of course I said yes!

Be sure to check out her blog, as I have a feeling it will soon be over flowing with beautiful inspiration, so real that you could almost smell the flowers through your computer screen!

A Theory About Rogue.

About a week ago, I purchased a new gadget.
Yes, I know - "but what about your overseas holiday?!"
The reason I purchased this gadget, is because it will be quite useful whilst on the overseas holiday!
I purchased an iPod touch.
I have been loving it big time, have a few games installed, plus all of my music - it's great, it even has internet access - which is a huge plus, because most youth hostels overseas have wireless internet access - i.e. justifying the purchase of such a gadget!

Tech-ee TOO pouch by RogueTheory.

With such an investment, I felt it was obvious to ensure it's safety within something very cosy, snug and pretty.

I spent hours - literally, hours - on Etsy, browsing for something of the above description. That is when I came across the store RogueTheory, and let me tell you first hand, their work is of the utmost quality!
I bought the above Tech-ee TOO pouch from their store - and the photographs in the listing, clearly don't do this product justice! My iPod touch has a "gecko" skin (protective) which I thought would make it harder to put into such a pouch, but nope... no hassle whatsoever - snug as a bug in a rug - as they say!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Locks Of Colour.

Some say a change is as good as a holiday.
So I'm going to do both.
I've changed my hair colour today.
The big holiday will be next year!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back Into The Swing Of It.

In the factory.

The Easter break has been and gone - for me it was productive on some days, majorly lazy on the others! But in the end, I only consumed three Chocolate Eggs and almost my weight in Monk Pear Tea! Hope you all had a delightful Easter break - now get back to work!

On The List.

Warsaw, Poland.

The gorgeous Rebecca (who is one of the models for the next photoshoot and a good friend of mine) has had the Overseas Holiday idea pitched to her - and drum roll please... Rebecca is in!

I really could not think of a better travel partner - we spent last night on Facebook, chatting about where we would like to go in a four week time frame, how we would get around, looking at hostels and working out how much coin we would need to save.

Rebecca's heritage is Polish - perfect huh? I probably wouldn't think to go to Poland on my own accord, but heck, we are certainly whacking Warsaw on the list of places to visit! Also on the list is London, Paris, Berlin, Athens and of course, Warsaw.
I am so excited!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

That Old Familiar Sound.

Places far away were calling my name last night in a dream...

My little sister is setting off on a cruise ship in November, travellin' the seas with her boyfriend and his family, then they are stopping in London and leaving the rest to be unfolded as natural as possible. Little sister is so lucky! My parents dropped the idea of meeting up with them in London next January... it has been playing on my mind ever since.

Last night I dreamt of London, Paris and Athens... soaking up as much inspiration as possible. I think this will really happen this time. And I think I need to take a friend with me, what's an experience not shared?!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

If I Could, I Would.

please let me know if you know the source of this beautiful image.

I think it is sad when you can not trust services anymore.
If I could, I would hand deliver every single package purchased by my lovely customers online.
At this time of year, reflecting on relationships with people, faith and more - it is even more disheartening to know that someone out there is about to slip their untrustworthy fingers into something that doesn't belong to them, consequently breaking the heart of someone who was waiting ever so patiently to experience the joy of receiving a handmade gift.