Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Proof Is In The Film - Part Two

So let me get myself out of the way...
I decided to have a new photo done for my upcoming website - hopefully forward this image on to Bec Winnel and she'll illustrate it into a wonderful masterpiece... we will see!
I am (not-professionally) modelling the Pair Of Birds Brooch... ha! I'm much more suited to holding the pliers and what not in my hands, rather than doing the modelling side of things!

Now... on to the professionals.
This is the beautiful Jessica Curran, who kindly let Ebony and I use her ear lobes and good looks for the wooden earring photos. I am so amazed with how they turned out - truly stunning!

Click on each image to see full view - so you get the gist of Jessica's true beauty and Ebony's amazing photography skills!

Where Does The Good Go?

Etsy has gone nuts in the last 24 hours.
That'd be right, as soon as I put up my holiday notice, I get swamped with orders! Yes, I'm going on holiday. Again... For a week, to where the good sorts go.
New Zealand, of course! (My father land!)

I am looking forward to having a break - a proper break, no bread & butter job, no jewellery making! Time to catch up with family and just zone out for a week, before coming back to the mayhem of the silly season! So much to do when I return (already!) orders to fill and more stock making for The Niche Market.

Pair of Birds Pendant
Model - Brooke Saward
Photography - Ebony Bejah

I have sold, relisted and sold the Pair Of Birds pendant a few times this week - turning out to be pretty popular! Check out my Etsy store - I have made the photos from the shoot as the default images for a temporary change... I like it, gives my store a different feel!

Ebony is about to drop off another disc of images from a shoot she did with another model, Jessica Curran - the wooden earrings are featured in this shoot! So stay tuned, I'll be blogging about that next, no doubt!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneaky Wrap

Cute eh?
I am making these new "Wrap Bangles" exclusively for my stall at The Niche Market, 27th - 29th November at The Academy Gallery at Inveresk, Launceston.

Keeping it simple - red, black and white dots... hoping they'll truck out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Proof Is In The Film

Oh Wow.
I am truly buzzing right now!
I got a message from my photographer friend Ebony Bejah, letting me know that the photo's were all good to go and a disc was ready for me to collect from her work... eiiik!
I made the special trip into town just to collect it.

Ebony surprised me by showing me some of the photos in print.
Truly amazing.
Click on each image to get the full sized view!

Rather than bombard you all with every single photograph, I decided to stagger the uploading process - plus I've got to keep you all interested, hey!
Let me know your thoughts - and if you would like to know more about this amazing photographer, Ebony Bejah... head to her website: Caught A Glimpse Photography.

Another Egg Has Hatched

Here they are! (Finally!)
New wooden stud earrings in three designs - leafy vine, rabbit love and wren.
Already have more in the making-process as I have a feeling these may truck out!

Contact me here if you are interested in a pair as I have a special deal for those who read my blog - mates rates? or?!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Little Photographic Teaser

Just a little taste from the That Vintage photo shoot by Ebony Bejah from Caught A Glimpse Photography - taken only this afternoon!

More to come, when I get my hot little hands on them all!
So far, I am more than thrilled with them - Ebony has done a wonderful job interpreting my hastily-blurted-visuals into beautiful photographic representations.

The photo shoot was well over due anyway... but more so, That Vintage is growing up. A website (yes, a real grown up website!) is currently being developed, with a little collaboration with the truly amazing illustrator, Bec Winnel - oh I am so excited for the future!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bit Of Alpha Lovin'

They all mean something to us, whether it be the first letter of your first name, the letter that begins your favourite colour, or letters that are tricky clever ones that also mean something... as in the letter "B" and "C" and "T"

How cute are these?

Vintage Gold Alphabet Charm Necklace by theMIX

They remind me of an old kiddies encyclopedia book that I had when I was about twelve... each letter was formed using shapes/objects/animals which began with that letter.

But if you thought the letters were pretty amazing, then look what else I stumbled upon in theMIX's Etsy shop...

Talk about reinventing the past!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Men. Ugh!

Hardest Creatures To Buy For?
Quite possibly!

If you are well and truly stuck for male-gift-giving ideas this festive season, how about you try out the following... although, I must warn you, this may take more effort than you ever wished to embark upon for a male-gift!

Christmas Cake - Bake a Christmas cake fit for 20 Kings, complete with a bottle of well matured rum from Nanna's grog stash... even if your cake is dry, or lacking "something" ...the rum flavour will take over and he'll know no different!

Chocolate Covered Nuts - Cover a variety of "nuts" in melted chocolate and create your own "Roses" box with different little "sayings" for each nut... "this nut is like your brain = peanut" ... "this nut is like our bed = walnut" ...okay, need I say anymore!

Home Brew Kit - Yes, maybe a little more on the costly end of things, and it may not be quite "handmade" first up... but hey! He'll be making brew with his own hands! Or feet?! If he feels the urge to stomp on berries for some crazy infused vodka?! Plus you'll score some free (yet the quality may be questionable!) home made goodies to sip on... or... maybe you'll contribute to the watering of the garden ...via the deck? Heave-Ho!

After all...
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
Happy Festive Planning!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blisters Upon Blisters

My fingers are pounding with pain!
I am flipping out - making so much stock in such little time!
(Yet I can squeeze in a blog? Oh that's right, I am waiting for glue to dry!)

I have just finished putting together about 40 pendant necklaces - after wrestling and untangling 100 feet of chain - thanks very much to myself for dropping the chain on the ground, in turn causing it to unravel off its spool and into a pile of knots and mayhem!

And here is a sneak peak at some new bold coloured stud earrings ready for the Niche Market, last weekend in November. This photo (camera-phone) doesn't really do the colours justice, I will be taking better pictures in the next few weeks - showcasing what I will be having at Niche! My favourite colour out of the ones below are the teal green pair at the very end. So sping!

I am being extra prepared this time, I think I'll have close to 400 pairs of earrings on hand for the three day event... so far, I have made 220 pairs, maybe? Still so much more to make! I feel sleepy just contemplating it all!

Crack Open The Handmade Cheer

I really love how all the department stores (in my town, hmm there are two, maybe three) have already got their Christmas cheer happening, regardless of it being a marketing hype, a clever ploy to insight impulse spending... I love it. Seriously, we are all little children deep down!

But my decorations won't be mass produced this year.

Happy Christmas Lanterns by Hannahnunn

I am in love with Hannah Nunn from West Yorkshire in England... her store has some truly beautiful warm handmade glow going on. I am eyeing off the Happy Christmas lanterns, I know that my mother would love these...

So I am putting this out to you all.
Those of you who follow my blog, those of you who lurk (hey lurkers!) and those of you who randomly... or accidently(?!) stumble upon my blog...

How about you try your dardnest this silly season, to buy handmade.

Handmade goods have soul and spirit, there is a true heartfelt story of love, devotion, passion and committment from the heart embedded in every handmade creation.

Etsy is full of beautiful, amazing handmade goodies to suffice absolutely everyone who is anyone! I think I may have even spotted the perfect gift for my father, whom is SO hard to buy for!

Personalized Custom Silver Guitar Pick by LaPetiteFleur

My father is a rocker, he sometimes plucks strings, but generally he hits things.
He thinks he is a bit of a rockstar...

So buying him a drumkit, when has over 60 (approximately) doesn't really seem like the right gift!


Not just any sort of fever...
Giving fever!

The Red Deer blog is having a That Vintage Give Away and up for grabs is a pair of "Apple" Earrings! Perhaps the "silly" season has started early in the world of That Vintage... because I have got a serious case of the generosities at the moment!

The Red Deer blog is pretty amazing and full of awesome finds, baking delights and a great spot to link up and get the chit-chat flowing on all things crafty.

Thanks to Alicia for putting together the lovely write up about That Vintage and for hosting the give away!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I Regret That!

Now for those of you who don't troll the internet as much as I do... (which is a heck of a lot) be prepared for something completely disturbing.
Actually, make that A LOT of things that are completely disturbing.

Let me introduce:

A pretty website: no way.
A play on words: maybe.
A site full of "what the f's": definitely.

This has humoured me all week long.
Who would have thought that you could turn a tampon into a car freshener? An orange peel into a hair accessory? And how about doing your bit for the environment, ditching toilet paper for some cloth wipes which you wash after each use?

I swear, once you click onto Regretsy, you will be clicking back for more and more and laughing with every entry... the sad thing is that the majority of the items listed on this "blog" are made by crafters who think that their craft is worthy of dollars. I'll let you all be the judge of that!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Winner Is...


I have absolutely LOVED doing this blog give away shindig - but more so, loved hearing the amazing responses from you all!

I swear, I needed massive boxes of Kleenex tissues and huge cups of tea whilst reading and re-reading all the entries... brought up A LOT of emotions and memories for myself - so thankyou ONE AND ALL for entering - you all touched me ev
er so deeply!
I will be replying to you all, (that entered) as I have a "virtual gift" for you all! If I don't/can't get a hold of you, please email me - - so that you can receive your gift!

But of course, with a give away... there can only be one winner.
And you guys made it so hard!
But after tossing up all the tugs at my heart strings... the sound of a friendly voice (with a hint of a familiar accent - Winner? Can you confirm this!?), whom I have spoken to just briefly before... seemed to tug a little harder...

You are the winner!

...Although, congratulations doesn't feel like the right word to be typing - more like: *stunned silence* and a lot of friendship hugs your way... that seems to be a little more fitting...

This was Raewyn's entry:

"For me, it was not long after the birth of my son Ariki, and I didn't know it, but had post-natal depression. I couldn't stop crying, and I called my friend Gemma, and she could only hear my sobbing and said 'I'll be right over'. She stayed with me til my husband got home, took me to the doctors, held my beautiful son. The best thing about a close friend is knowing you would both give anything to stop the other from hurting. I'm going to
call her now xxx"

Post Natal Depression is something that I fear.
I am only twenty two, yet I have babies on the brain, something chronic!

I have heard some seriously distressing stories about people who have battled with Post Natal Depression, at first I would think: "how could you NOT be drawn to that lovely little
bundle of baby goodness!" - but now I understand, after much research and talking with people who have gone through Post Natal Depression, that a bundle of baby goodness is a truly life changing experience. I admire those who have soldiered on through Post Natal Depression and live to speak of such strength. Even more so, I admire those friends of whom have endured such blues all in the name of friendship - the fact that you stick by a friend in such heart wrenching times is incredible. I hope that if Post Natal Depression ever touches me or my loved-friends close by, that I'll be the strong type of person that Raewyn had by her side - and more so, be as courageous as Raewyn has been to speak of such a blue time.

Oh and for the record.
Raewyn's little boy is so truly 100% adorably cutie-pa-tootie, the only kid whom I'd let touch my earrings at my stall at the market! So... congratulations on creating such a cute little man!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes I Forget

I totally forgot about the photoshoot I had done with Ebony Bejah some twelve months ago now... Ebony did an amazing job - the only down side of the shoot is that most of the wooden pendants I had photographed were made from the American woods, which I don't stock anymore! Tasmanian all the way... Still, beautiful photographs!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Giveaway: Pair Of Birds

**GIVE AWAY CLOSED - stay tuned for next give away! Mid November!**
Celebrating Friendship!
I have jumped on the Giveaway Band Wagon because I am feeling super generous and know that these little darling tweeters need a lovely home!

The Pair Of Birds brooch, which is laser cut from Tasmanian Myrtle Wood, is a wearable piece of artwork, as the original drawing was inspired from my friendships with so many gorgeous people. I see myself as one bird, and my friends as the other - "it is you and me, sitting on a branch!"

To win this pair of little tweeters, you simply need to leave a comment below with your email address and answer the following question:

What has been your most memorable, lovey-dovey moment with your closest friend?

Entries into the Giveaway close on Wednesday 14th October, 8:00pm EDST Australia.
The winner will be decided on creative merit, believability and sentiment, so get your feather out to tickle my heart strings!
The winner will be notified by email and also in an updated blog entry.
Good luck!

Delicate Life

The things that mother said not to touch.
Well, I'm going to touch them all now!
Check out these beautiful finds from Etsy...

Turf Micro Tile by elementclaystudio

Porcelain Tea Light Delight by wapa

Friday, October 9, 2009

Journal & I

When I get a little flat in life, which is actually very rare these days - I love to write. Or doodle.

Sometimes it is a mix of words and shapes. I have a habit of drawing vines that weave their way over multiple pages and morph into different species of plant.

When I draw my little birds, I do spend a lot of time on them - making sure that their chests are puff and full, that their eyes are bright and beady, and their wings curl just at the right point. Very rarely do I just doodle birds. Birds to me, are worth more than just a doodle.
I love birds.

This is one of my original pieces, an ink and coloured pencil drawing. I actually sold this for a measly $40.00. I really do regret selling it... for any price! If the owner ever reads this, I actually would love to buy it back from you..!

I use to keep journals all the time.
I actually carried one around in my handbag or satchel, but ever since I stopped going to Art School, the "Journal & I" relationship seemed to fade.

To be honest with you, the jewellery spawned from the drawings and now the jewellery is flapping its wings to the point where I barely have time to sit down and sketch the little wren that bounces around outside of my bedroom window. I sketch him in my mind though, and paint his puffed-up bust with a bright hue of cobalt blue... it is such a shame that vision can't burn itself onto a piece of paper in front of you.

I am contemplating buying one of Isis' cleverly reinvented notebooks, just so that it inspires me to whip out the pencil and do a little doodling and scribbling, now that Spring has fi
nally sprung! Isis has a variety of lino printed notebooks in every colour of the rainbow.

But I have a soft spot for the forest green...

I Felt It To The Core

I love it when Etsy surprises me with something so delightful on the front page.
I love it when my curiosity gets the better of me and I embark on an adventure.
I love it when that adventure is a success.
I love it when I fall in love with Etsy stores.

Check her store out now!

I have metal allergies, hence why I ended up designing my own range and sourcing my own materials so that I actually know what it is (metal wise) that I am buying/wearing/selling. This is probably the main reason why I am in love with JuliaFelt's store - felt in a bangle... felt in a bracelet... I can wear that! I can look good in felt! Who would have thought! I am just trying to decide on which one I should buy... neutral tones or bold summery hues... oh decisions! And how awesome is it that JuliaFelt is from Moscow - another city on my list of places to explore... oh the world!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Perfect Stall

...Or close to it!

Below are some paragraphs from a bit of a write up I did for The Civic Homespun Market Trade Day - where most of the stall holders went along to share ideas, learn new craft, chit chat and brainstorm. I unfortunately had to work at my Bread & Butter job, so for my contribution I wrote an information sheet on how to present your stall at a market, in the best possible way.

If you would like the full copy, please leave me a comment with your email address and I'll forward it on to you! (Or email me -

Create a Story.
Yawn, Let’s Not Prattle On Now!

It is a proven fact within the retail industry that everyone (customer, passer by, fellow stall holder, shop owner) loves to be captivated by what is a visual story – no time spent flicking pages and reading the words to string together a storyline, but time well spent giving your eye balls a delightful work out over ones visual layout of a stall.

Your Theme: Dig deep for this one – what is your label about? What are your inspirations, motivations and the ultimate story of your label? How did it come about? Was it a rainy day with cups of tea and a particular song that sparked the beginning of your creative endeavours? Was it education that you spent years on mastering? Or the birth of your first child and being stuck with over-priced-mass-produced children’s clothing that was well out of your budget? Perhaps it was the books that Grandma left as a part of her legacy – or were you lucky enough to knit one, pearl one with Nanna? Customers are inquisitive – and nosy at times! So have a story prepared, have some beef-for-your-stew and PROUDLY display it! Perhaps type up and print out a little paragraph detailing the short-story version of YOUR story and frame it – pop it on your stall – guarantee that people will actually stop and read this – that is where questions are asked and you can then do the selling of your craft in a more personal manner – not to mention striking up conversation with like-minded people!

The Nitty Gritty.
Please Doctor, Make My Stall Look Pretty?

So I have given you some ideas and questions to ponder on regarding themes of stalls and what is really behind you and your craft – again, I listed only a few, as you’d probably begin to roll your eyes if this supposed “short information sheet” turned into ten pages long… Oops!

Light: Some areas of your stall, you may want to really make shine – some products that you spent days upon days creating are certainly worthy of a spotlight – so why not do exactly that? Providing you have access to a (safe) power point – bring in a little halogen lamp in which you can direct the light to any part of the stall – or what about something a bit cute and out there? Fairy lights! These come in a mass of different designs now days; surely there would be a fairy light to suit your stall…

Your Information.

So, Do You Sell Online?

Someone comes along to your stall, loves what you do but can’t afford it right there and then – instead of loosing a potential sale, create another avenue of contact.

Online Shopping – consider having a store online – there are oodles to choose from such as the Civic Homespun Market website which has an easy to access shop front and paying system, and

Email Contact – yes, we live in a digital age and most people converse via email, if this person is hell bent on buying something off you, line them up with email contact. EXCHANGE addresses – don’t just give them yours! Get their email address so that if a few days has passed and that customer has not contacted you (they may have forgotten, or misplaced the address) then you can swing an email their way and get the purchasing ball rolling!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night

So... Let me be honest with you all.
I actually don't go out.
(Okay, I do, but not out on the town in Launceston.)

I don't do clubs, sometimes I do pubs, but I don't "waste my Saturday night" and "kill brain cells" and "tear some muscles" on the dance floor, like I use to back in ...2005?
For a number of reasons, mainly because I see it is a waste of hard earned money, and secondly, this town is pretty bad sober, let alone intoxicated!

So I like to spend my Saturday nights indoors.
Tonight I am doing exactly that.
Red wine, potato wedges and sour cream... and wii.

I am a closet geek, gamer, nerd, wii-addict.
I am addicted to playing The Sims Pets 2.
I have 9 families, and approximately 21 pets...
Some maybe procreating as I type this, you never know!

I'm not all that certain on the "aim of this game" other than you need to keep your Sim(s) happy... all the freakin' time - a lot harder than in real life! You get your Sim a job, a friend (or 3) may turn into a lover, you learn to cook, clean, exercise, get creative, use a computer and most importantly - teach your pet right from wrong AND give it love.

I am competitive, or something like it.

I get excited when my Sim gets a level up in the career section and earns more money.
I am thrilled when my Sim gets coupled with another Sim and they have a shot-gun wedding in a matter of seconds.
I am stoked when my Sim teaches my pet a new trick.

Most of all.
I am over the moon that I end up wasting hours on playing the wii.

What was that?
Wasting hours?
Like being drunk out on the town in Launceston?
Go figure!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Cat That Fell For A Rabbit

I have plenty of people who inspire me, ranging from designers, illustrators, musicians and personalities. A small list includes Dick & Dora, Love, Kelly Smith, Bec Winnel, Sarah Lanarch, Ladyhawke and... Cat Rabbit.

Here I am modelling my little love!
A wearable piece of artwork... got to love that!

Well over a year ago I spoiled myself.
Normally this is what happens when I go into Cocoon.

I purchased one of Cat Rabbit's laser engraved pendants.

Check out some of Cat's awesome handy work... I dream of being as talented as her!
Etsy Store: http://