Monday, October 19, 2009

Men. Ugh!

Hardest Creatures To Buy For?
Quite possibly!

If you are well and truly stuck for male-gift-giving ideas this festive season, how about you try out the following... although, I must warn you, this may take more effort than you ever wished to embark upon for a male-gift!

Christmas Cake - Bake a Christmas cake fit for 20 Kings, complete with a bottle of well matured rum from Nanna's grog stash... even if your cake is dry, or lacking "something" ...the rum flavour will take over and he'll know no different!

Chocolate Covered Nuts - Cover a variety of "nuts" in melted chocolate and create your own "Roses" box with different little "sayings" for each nut... "this nut is like your brain = peanut" ... "this nut is like our bed = walnut" ...okay, need I say anymore!

Home Brew Kit - Yes, maybe a little more on the costly end of things, and it may not be quite "handmade" first up... but hey! He'll be making brew with his own hands! Or feet?! If he feels the urge to stomp on berries for some crazy infused vodka?! Plus you'll score some free (yet the quality may be questionable!) home made goodies to sip on... or... maybe you'll contribute to the watering of the garden ...via the deck? Heave-Ho!

After all...
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
Happy Festive Planning!

1 comment:

Isis said...

great ideas sophie, partiularly the home brew kit, will definitely try to remember that one.

x isis

ps thanks for the earrings!!