Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marigold - glorious marigold.

I love searching by a random colour or word on Etsy - and seeing what comes about in the search.
I actually have a fabric in my collection now which I think I would call the colour of "marigold." It is beautiful, a really warm yellow - very autumnal. I also love how the word "marigold" rolls off your tongue... I love words!

So here is the result of my search on, using the word "marigold."

marigold yellow orchid hair clip by prudeandprudence $12.00US
I just adore the softness of this piece - so delicate both in texture and colour.

marigold silk ruffle cuff by folk $15.00US
The beautiful big buttons on this cuff totally drew me in - what a feature!

the petal bag, marigold by quejimenez $245.00US
Oh, this bag is something out of my dreams - beautiful shape, beautiful colour, imagine the places that this bag could take you... Dorothy style, down the yellow brick road!

ascot stripe pillow by shopatten $25.00US
The print of the pillow makes me think it belongs in the beach-side shack, it'd be something you'd rest your head on in the sunshine, close your eyes and open your ears to listen for the waves on hitting the shore.

chenille burp cloth in marigold by babymomo $7.00US
Burping a baby in style - so cute!

glossy marigold dots by treanelli $32.00US
How funky are these - simple yet so funky... hit the spot!

marigold feather fascinator by kristenfountaindavis $14.00US
This is to die for. Perfect. The colour and the texture of the feather go hand in hand - and what about that cute little embellishment!

Sweet Little Finds

This little collection from Etsy, is inspired by one of my beautiful and very creative friends, Sharnee.
Sharnee is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and creates the most beautiful cards I have ever seen - sure beats mass produced hallmark cards!
Sharnee also has a blog.
Hope you like my finds Sharnee :o) x

hopping jumping easter bunny by terbearco $5.99US

peacock feather stamp by retronana $11.00US

small bird stamp by norajane $3.00US
(I actually have this stamp! and it is so cute!)

These little journals by mamaroots are so sweet...
Hand stamped onto a 64 page moleskin journal.
Sooo sweet and such a cute gift idea - and it wouldn't break the budget either!

tweet journal by mamaroots $3.00US

nest journal by mamaroots $3.00US

hop along journal by mamaroots $3.00US

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Change Of Seasons

Right now, it should be a lot colder than it actually is.
I shouldn't complain - the warm weather is lovely... the sun still beaming heat is great - but I am a sucker for Autumn colours, cool weather and being able to rug up in the most luxurious of knits, coats, gloves, scarves and all things snuggable...!

Thread Den in North Melbourne gave me an idea after receiving an email regarding marking down the prices of "last season" stock - even though my pieces are generally all year round designs... it sparked a challenge within me to get the Autumn hat on, surround myself with burnt orange, deep vermillion, chocolate, mushroom and all things wood... and get inspired.

So below is a collection of my current pieces which are starting to reflect the change of season here in Australia.

Be sure to check back soon for my new "stitched up" button brooches and more bold coloured earrings!

In other news - Looks like I will be heading back to Melbourne sooner than I thought! I have been approached by a creative lady from a group called Artists On The Move and there is the potential for me to exhibit my pieces with them on their special exhibit days - a high end exhibition of Australian designers and artists, greeting those who walk through the door with a glass of wine - sounds just like it is right up my alley! The first one will be held in Middle Park, Melbourne on the 3rd of May - which is a Sunday. Fingers crossed that my funds can allow me to head to this one, but if not, I intend to make an appearance at the next one!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sophie's Adventure: The Stitches & Craft Show

We made it!

Here I am on the steps into the main building - packed to the walls with delightful crafty things to look at, touch and ponder on - it was overwhelming!

Megan waving hello to the craft world - we couldn't wait to check it out!

They had really cool displays throughout the main building - larger than life pieces - this was a dining suite covered in faux grass with sewing machines (the exact model I have!) on the table! Pretty eye catching!

These were made of thick cooloured card paper and were really effective
- random but very effective!

Larger than life thread spools - such a cool idea!

Craft Bars - GENIUS. You could buy a "kit" from the Incubators (up and coming designers) and head to the craft bar to actually make it - being shown how to by demonstrators - really cool!

Another Craft Bar - this one was for scrap booking work I think, lots of papers and guillotines etc!

And then we found the THREAD DEN stall which my label was apart of! Yippeee! They had some pretty cool threads - as in clothing, and such an array of beautiful pieces by Australian designers.

My Birdie brooches (2nd row) hanging out at the Thread Den stall!

My button earrings on one of the cute display tables at the Thread Den stall.

And my button brooches! We did two laps, on the 2nd lap I had noticed some of the brooches were gone - so I'm guessing they sold! Yay!!

Overall, the Melbourne trip was successful but way too short - it flew by!
Gotta hate that. We shopped til we dropped - I think I spent nearly $1000AU on shopping - not hard to do! It adds up! And we dined out at some really nice places, checked out some really "cool" (haha) bars and experienced some of the best that Melbourne has to offer. Here are some random photo's from our adventure.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I Would Buy Right Now...

Green Oak Leaf Felt Brooch
by lupin

Feather Tags
by marleyandlockyer

The Indian Peacock Ring
by Poppyjoy

Dark Royal Blue 80's Purse
by zwzzy

A Piece of Peace, Leather Wrist Wallet
by hollyhawk