Sunday, November 29, 2009

What A Niche Weekend.

Oh My!
Talk about exhausted!

The Niche Market has been and gone - in an all mighty gust of shopping wind (or so it feels!)...
My friend Ebony (who did my other shoot) came along on the Friday, with her camera and took some snaps of my stall.

I have just counted how many button earrings I have left - 42 pairs. Not bad, not bad... considering I had made 263 pairs, and in the first hour of the market on Friday, I sold at truck load - yay!

I ended up doing a massive "quick" shop/trade at the end of the market on Sunday, I got so much - gorgeous tea towels by Red Wren, jams, hair clips and cute fabric purse by Black Eyed Susie, a couple upcycled journals by the lovely Isis, Christmas Doves by Dick & Dora, earrings from Pop Glass as well as Sewn Earth, vintage posies by Emma at Life As A Bird, big gorgeous upcycled soy wax candles by 3 Blind Mice, wine from Iron Pot Bay (consumed a bottle last night!) yummy cakes and biscuits from Hungry Kitty and of course.... an abundance of goodies from Annie at Red Bamboo.

I got a stack of candles from Annie but also a yummy bath bomb... which I was instructed to use in small doses - break bits off, you know? Well, I got home after the market, unpacked (actually, more or less dumped everything into my bedroom/factory) and showed off my goodies to my mother... then I heard the bath calling my name, poured myself a glass of Iron Pot Bay Pinto Grigio and grabbed the bath bomb (before mother could claim it!) and ran a nice hot bath... At first I chipped off bits of the bomb into the bath whilst the water was running, then I thought: "Hmm, what they hey!" - and threw the whole thing in!
My skin felt like silk the whole time in the bath, out of the bath and even this morning! And it's aroma was delicious.
Yum. Thanks Annie!

Thanks to all who came and checked out The Niche Market and for supporting a worthy cause - St Giles Tasmania. See you at the next one hopefully!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thump. Thump.

My head won't stop pounding.
I actually think that I have worked myself way too hard.
I went to sleep last night with a thumping ache behind my right eye... woke again with it.

First day of The Niche Market was crazy - I don't think us little stall-holders quite expected it to be that way for a Friday! It was overwhelming! I worked out that in the first hour of the market being open that I sold 39 pairs of earrings. INSANE.

Today is day two.
And I expect to see you all there!

10am - 4pm, Academy Gallery at Inveresk, Launceston.

Photo's will come... maybe tomorrow evening, or maybe during next week.
Maybe when I feel more alive!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time For Sleep

What a day...
I always leave things to the last minute - which includes packing up for a market the next day. I had my hair straightener on (for my hair - obviously) and the iron on to smooth out the well embossed crinkles in my cloths for my market table... and I was flitting from one room to another...

Straighten a section of hair.

Iron out some crinkles of cloth.
Straighten more hair.
Iron out more crinkles.
You get the idea...

I am pooped.
(and still nursing the head cold, which has now moved to my chest.)

(I wish this was my bed, kitty and all, but alas it is not!)

Time for bed.
The Niche Market kicks off tomorrow morning - bring it on!
See you there!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Minty Fresh.

So I finally got my hands on a copy of Peppermint Magazine.
After much anticipation... I can finally let the bird out of its cage...

That Vintage is featured twice in the photo shoot "A Little Birdy Told Me" - which is truly beautiful and I am truly thrilled with the outcome!

Please click me!

Please click me!

Off you go birdies, stick your beaks into the newest issue of Peppermint!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Niche-mas...

It is almost here!
The countdown is dwindling down to a matter of hours before set up tomorrow!
Oh yes!

And guess who scored a head cold Monday morning.
Yep, all my days and nights of hard yakka and working my "Bread & Butter" job finally caught up with me and I have been cooped up in bed, for the past two and a bit days...

But as everyone knows...
The Show Must Go On!

I'm in the final stages of putting earrings onto their cards, making fridge magnets (hopefully!) and packing everything into their designated crates. I am so grateful that I have had an extra pair of hands - especially last night, Nathan came around to help stamp all the bags - what a legend! Goodness knows how many he actually stamped, he was a Top Stamper! Kudo's to him...

See you all at The Niche Market!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Beautiful Ones.

I love having creative friends.
They make me feel even more creative!

One of my lovely lady friends Sharnee, who use to work with me at our "Bread & Butter" job - is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and creator of the most beautiful handmade cards I have ever come across!

I asked her to make me up four Christmas cards in the gorgeous black and silver theme that she had featured on one of the "12 Days Of Christmas" card making blog entries.

Click on each image to see them in their entire beauty!

Sharnee's Blog: Alarnee Creations

Sharnee - you are amazing.
Good luck with the birth of your 4th precious (and beautiful!) child!


Slicey McSlice.

Slicing up little promotional flyers for The Niche Market.

I think there are around 40 pages...
Oh the things I do!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can Things Get Any Better?

Yes they can!

Along with being in the next issue of
Peppermint Magazine... (yes, it has been delayed, again - hopefully I get my copy today or Monday!)
That Vintage has scored a spot in the next issue of Frankie Magazine!
(Due for release 16th December.)

This is the cover of the latest issue.
When the next issue is out, I will update with the new cover!


Am I Prepared? I Think So!

Oh man Oh man OH MAN!
Where are the hours going?
I am working my fingers to the bone, getting ready for The Niche Market as well as finishing up some wholesale orders too.

I am going to be super duper "prepared" for The Niche Market. No joke.

I ran out of red and black ribbon for the Wrap Bangles... so I decided to be a bit adventurous (and colourful!)...

Tangerine, Grape & Watermelon.

These three colours are so HOT! I am tempted to keep them all, but seriously, what would I do with nine bangles? I would look a bit strange wearing them all at once. But how awesome are these summery hues? I can't wait to see them truck out at the market! *wink wink!*

This may seem like an interesting photograph... yes.
I told you that I was getting really "prepared" for The Niche Market.


263 pairs of button earrings.

Surely that'll do me for the three day event?!

Back to getting more blisters upon blisters.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snowed Under With Wood

I am rather flat chat at the moment.
But here is a quick little sneak peak of the bits and pieces that I have been working on - ready for The Niche Market next weekend!
(I can't believe it is almost here... where has the time gone!)

Masses of wooden brooches.
At the last Niche Market, I sold out of the Pair Of Birds brooch - doubt that will happen this time as I have nearly 60 made up... haha over kill? Perhaps!

For those of you who love the Rabbit and the Wren, you can now get them in the oval brooch!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

...maybe no Chicken Dinner, but there certainly is a Winner Winner!

I had to consult my man for help with this one, as I was stuck with way too much party food going around in my head. Cheezels on fingers, little savaloys and buckets of tomato sauce, musk sticks, fairy bread, licorice allsorts, ice cream cake... and lots of fizzy (bad!) drink - drooling yet? I am!

Just like when you play Pass-The-Parcel or Pin The Tail On The Donkey ...or even have an Egg & Spoon Race at your party, there can only be one winner. (Unless tears well up and the children throw tantrums - that is the only time when everyone is a winner... please, no tantrums! I can't deal with that!)

Congratulations to lucyrouge - the re-telling of your Craft Party memories made me long for Macaroni Necklaces and Fingerpaint... oh and you totally nailed it with the Ninja Turtles - way to go! Which one were you? I always wanted to be Rafaello!

"My most memorable birthday was my 9th when I had a CRAFT PARTY. It was awesome. We made potpourri and lace wall hangers and these little 3D pictures using double-sided tape. I think there was also some sort of intense icy pole stick and PVA glue construction going on. For my present everyone brought me a little something to go in my craft box. I got the cutest buttons and lots of lace and even some puff paint (so cool in the early 90's). So yes, that was my most memorable birthday... until the next year when I had a Ninja Turtles party."

The Wren Earrings are all yours Lucy!

Thanks to everyone who entered it and helped celebrate my birthday through reminicsing! Next Giveaway will be sprinkled with tinsel and the big echoey sounds of "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Keep an eye out for this cover, which will be out this week.

Pick it up, smell it, touch it, savour it, flick through it...
And spot That Vintage!

First time ever to grace the pages of a magazine.
Truly buzzing!

For more information about Peppermint magazine, head to their website:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giveaway: Wren Earrings

*Giveaway is now closed! Thankyou for all your memorable entries! Winner will be announced shortly..*

It feels like years since I last blogged. In reality it has been maybe... two weeks? I have been to New Zealand and back... and I've also gotten a year older in that time - I am now twenty-three! Phew. The year is truly flying!

As promised (and slightly delayed) I am celebrating my Birthday... but the catch is that one of YOU will score the gift!
Up for grabs is one of the newest That Vintage designs.

To get your hands on these cute little tweetin' darlings for your ear lobes, all you need to do is the following:

Tell me about your most memorable childhood birthday: How old were you? Did you have a party or a sleep over or a trip to the movies? Did you nail the tail on the donkey first go? What were in your lolly bags? Best cake/worst cake? Tears and tantrums? Please include your email address in your entry!

Giveaway closes on Monday 16th November - winner will be notified by blog entry and email.

Let loose party animals and help me celebrate my Birthday by entering this give away!

Push My Button

It is a known fact that my family has the "hoarder" vibe going on... my dad has a whole room (almost the length of the house) full to the ceiling with drums, kits, cymbals and other percussion instruments.

As for me, I collect buttons. It started when I started working at my retail job - and I would find buttons on the shop floor which had fallen out of the spare button bag... we have a bag in one of the draws at the counter, which we put all the abandoned spare buttons in.

One day, probably in Spring, the store was getting a slight clean out... and all the buttons were destined for the rubbish bin. I could let it happen. Their little holey faces were sad at the thought of the rubbish bin. So I adopted them. And a million others.

I came across
Kellie Christie's blog via another blog via another blog - I'm sure you know how it is!

What she does with buttons is truly amazing and oh so fun!

I decided that my box of buttons was going to waste... so I bundled them up and posted them to Kellie. I knew she'd justify the bright colours and muted tones... rather than just leaving them in a box, forgotten about!

In return she sent me a lovely bracelet and necklace in the yummiest of colours - caramel, rust and chocolate ... (No photo's at the moment, my camera is definitely not loving life...)

Head to Kellie's blog to check out her amazing creations and colour combos!