Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am running away... kind of.

Magnetic Island - hmm delightful!

I have had enough of the cold Launceston weather (even though I love winter and rugging up) but I just need a break! I have been so run down for the past month - extremely tired and goodness knows what else - so I am running away.

Tomorrow morning I am heading up to Townsville to visit some family and friends - I can't wait! I have packed my swimming attire (yet I'm not 100% certain that it fits me properly!) and my new Fedora hat, sunscreen of course - plus dollars in my purse. (And other items, don't worry, I remembered to pack other clothes!)

My itinery includes loads of shopping, wining and dining, sea kayaking, snorkling, sun bathing, walking, exploring, and I'm sure there will be loads of other exciting things that my family and friends will surprise me with haha!

So for now, so long! Blog you all later! (In a weeks time!)

OH! P.S!
Don't forget to check out THE MARKET in Hobart this coming Sunday, 2nd August! Head to their blog for more information -

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Megan & I

One of my dearest friend's Megan, has been around for the entire evolution of That Vintage, so much so that she has her own extensive collection and I always give her lots of goodies, which I know she appreciates!

This certainly pays off, because I love seeing her wearing my wooden necklaces and it has now become a bit of game in my mind: "Guess what necklace she is wearing?"

Last Saturday was her boyfriend's birthday lunch and I actually rang her before I went down to the venue, to see which necklace she was wearing so that I wouldn't wear the same! It would be quite amusing if we rocked up wearing the same pendant... haha.

We all went back and partied on at her house and some of her soccer team mates came around too. And then it started...
"Ohhhh you're THAT VINTAGE girl!"
"I have a bird brooch!"
"I love your earrings!" ... locally famous. I love it!
But most of all, I love my friend Megan!

Now, the creativity vibe must run through our family...

During the wee early hours of Saturday morning, Jazz (our black labrador) decided to go for a wander up to the building sites in our street.

In true artist fashion, he must have found a tin of white paint... hmm, nevertheless we now don't own a black labrador, but a try hard dalmatian.

Good boy... oh what a boy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Dora.

(Not the explorer.)

This feature is inspired by Dick & Dora's "Square Eye's" brooch... retro funk!

I would certainly sit myself in front of that box any day!
Check out their blog -

It seems that retro is making a come back, fast and furious and with such a kitschy vengeance. I dig this. It's not my sort of design-line, but I dig what is being created and more so, reinvented.

The appreciation of patterned vinyl (shout out to Loz and Dinny's vinyl coin purses in which I am a proud owner of one!) and the re-discovered love for shag piles, brings the photographs to life, of my mother in her early 20's - the house parties and crazy furniture pictured. Need I say anymore - let alone about the hairstyles!

Vintage Vinyl Coin Purses by Loz and Dinny

Oh... and yes, my household didn't quite escape the return of retro - we had a gorgeous green (modern) shag pile, but due to the big black labrador dog that we have, Mr Jazz, sneaking into the house and taking quite a liking to the "shag" (haha!) the mod-shag has now been tipped, my money is on the Launceston Council Tip... hmmph!

Type Writer necklace by CuteAbility

Old School Bicycle tshirt by happyfamily

Retro 70's Telephone necklace by bunnylogic

Bicycle pendant by pinktophat

For Those Of You Who Know Me...

...And know me well, you would know that I am a huge lover of tea.

My day is never the same if I don't start it off with a big cup of extra strong tea - with milk, no sugar. Then at night time, I only have pleasant dreams if I have another big cup of tea before laying my head down onto my pillow. In actual fact, tea at any time of day is perfect for me.

Once Upon A Tea Time art print by MarmeeCraft

Cup Of Tea embroidered purse by tabidesigns

In A Tea Cup necklace by TillyBloom

It's Always Tea Time bracelet by insanejellyfish

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Lil' Hooter!

I. Am. Excited.

Buzzing with so many ideas, picked out some new fabric which is a gorgeous organic jersey in plum and cranberry - and the evolution of the Messy Bird Wrap... just you wait!

Oh and how could I forget... the eagerness to be apart of the super cool clique Brown Owls..!

I am going to nickname myself as That Vintage Owl.

How original? More like, how fitting!

Kind of like this, except less blue and more human.

I was prowling Etsy in the early hours of this morning, (because that is what you do when sleep has gone walkies) and found joodito - I am so inspired to sew ...SEW! Such cool designs, I am right into anything asymetrical at the moment - ever since I bought the asymetrical leather jacket from my bread and butter job... ha!

I am smitten with grey. Yet it is not far until Spring pops itself on our doorsteps, so I am holding off on using any grey... until next winter... maybe... but for now, plum and cranberry rule the roost at That Vintage! Even my mama bear agrees! And she has impeccable tastes. Yep yep!

Oh and a massive tweetin' hello to Suze & Arj (Black Eyed Susie) - I have been spoilt with two little sightings of the darling pair, Arj is beautiful... I was clucky at the market on Saturday when I first saw him, but today I swooned over his big bright eyes looking around Cocoon... what a treasure!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hibernation? I think not!

My posts have been infrequent lately - sorry!
This means that I am busy. YAY!

Just a little update on what I has been going on in the world of That Vintage...

- West End, Brisbane.

Lovely creation by Michelle (PedroSprout) and this is truly going to be a beautiful home for all those gorgeous eco-savvy creations and handmade delights. That Vintage is making its mark in West End and hoping to service the shopping desires of the Queenslanders! Check out Michelle's blog about the evolution of Nook -

The Local Shop
- Northcote, Melbourne.

Gale stumbled across That Vintage on - works wonders as this is now my 4th home for That Vintage that has eventuated from Etsy - all hail Etsy!! At The Local Shop, you won't find bread and milk... you'll find much much much more delightful bits and pieces! This is rather exciting news as The Local Shop is definitely one for the sensory experience! Below photo credits to Rabbit and the Duck be sure to check out their blog -

I am looking forward to my holiday week in the first week of August up in Townsville, catching up with friends and family. I hope that I can actually NOT do anything on the days up there and just zone out! I find that so hard! I almost have to be busy doing something on my days off. Plans are to go for plenty of walks, snorkling, adventures to Magnetic Island, wining and dining (of course) and a little bit of shopping - can't wait!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Plowing & Pruning That Vintage Garden

A wee bit of a time has passed since I last updated my blog - the reason for this is that I have been burried underneath my own (rather large) pile of pure white snow.
Oh the joys of winter! Gloomy, foggy days spark creativity within the warm four walls of my factory-slash-bedroom.

The view from my backyard on one of the most eerie winter days that we have had in a long time.

I have had orders coming out of my ears (and that's a great thing!) plus the desire to continue designing, as well as getting ready for this Saturday's Civic Homespun Market. I have gone head first into my preparation for my "Market Comeback" - stocking up on the good ol' Pussy Willow, wood grain fabric, faux topiary trees and bare winter trees, plus a menagerie of woodland creatures - birds and owls and rabbits.

One of the many bare winter trees that I bought from BROOKLYNrehab's Etsy store.

Last week I spent an entire day chained to my sewing machine (yes! finally had the will power to sit at the good ol' Brother for a full day!) and made ten Messy Bird Wraps. I was on such a roll churning them out, that the day just flew by... I am still yet to make the matching brooches and finish the tags.

Suz at Cocoon has been churning through That Vintage like no tomorrow - the response from my creations being homed in at Cocoon has been totally overwhelming and incredibly exciting. It's so lovely to hear the feedback from customers who say the kindest words to Suz, which in turn she passes them on to me - so tickled pink! I am proud to say that That Vintage and myself as a designer/creator/dreamer have come along way since Valentine's Day 2008.

Latest batch of earrings dropped into Cocoon this week.

I am looking forward to being back in the market scene this Saturday. Can't wait to catch up with everyone and find out what's news in the Launceston Craft world!

WHAT: Civic Homespun Market.
WHEN: Saturday 11th July
TIME: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
WHERE: Pilgrim Church Hall & Grounds, Paterson Street Launceston - opposite Myer carpark - look for the bright pink market flags!

See you there!